The Syrian Democratic Council

“ Statement to the public opinion “

The ninth of December of this year marks the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), as an alliance of Syrian forces , fronts and political currents that believe in democracy, participation, and dialogue as a method to solve national issues, achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people, and preserve the country’s unity, with its land and people .


The establishment of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) is formed as an attempt to bring together the Syrian national democratic forces, and after the people of northern and eastern Syria formed administrative structures under the name of the Autonomous Administration and another military structures under the name of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that fought terrorism and provided thousands of martyrs, to complete the political vision and be as their reference ,  expressing a national situation and a project for the whole of Syria.


The anniversary of the establishment in this year coincides with exceptional health conditions that all humanity suffers from the spread of the Corona epidemic, while the Syrian citizen suffers from a series of torments, starting from the suffering of displacement, the search for a livelihood in the case of diaspora and asylum, so that their suffering turns into a card that the parties which conflict for power in the country are trading in.


It also coincides with another pain that grows tired the exhausted Syrian body.  It is the Turkish country occupation to  more Syrian lands in Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain) and Tal Abyad, in continuation of its expansion projects in Syria after it occupied Jarablus, Azaz, al-Bab, Afrin and Idlib and used the Syrians as “mercenaries” in its cross-border wars.


The political solution efforts are still faltering after ten years of the crisis, and the choice of staying in the place is the best choice so far, in the case of the absence of an international consensus between the countries which are influencing of the Syrian file, as well as the existence of a crisis of representing the Syrian will between the two parties which conflict in the country (the opposition and the regime).  An authoritarian party has destroyed the country and claims its right to own the country, and most of it is dependent on regional agendas that are hostile to the national solution project.

In the midst of that, the Syrian Democratic Council has sought since its establishment five years ago to activate the national path and the third replacement that went ahead from the basis of consensus on participatory things and dependence on a strong strategy that accommodates Syrians of all affiliations and components.  “ SDC ” worked according to a national vision and paid attention to the concerns of Syrian people completely , and strived to form national consensus by signing of memorandum of understanding between us and the Syrian national forces, and held a series of dialogue encounters inside the country as well as dialogue workshops in the Diaspora with the fronts and personalities of the democratic opposition to culminate in common understandings and visions and be the basis of a democratic platform that brings together the national forces that believe in the Syrian solution.  In addition, the National Conference for the people of the Al-Jazeera and Euphrates was held after / 13 / seminars were held by most of the community components in the regions of Al-Jazeera and Euphrates.  This conference, which was a national situation, met great national attention and approval.


We are as members of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), and on this occasion we renew our pledge to the Syrian people to make all efforts to achieve their aspirations to end the worsening crisis and work to expel all occupiers and form a new Syria on the foundations of real citizenship in accordance with the decentralized democratic regime .


9 December 2020


Syrian Democratic Council

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