The Syrian Democratic Council

“ The Finnish delegation to the SDC : The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria is a democratic project which is based on pluralism and respect for women’s rights “

Amina Omar, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, received Mr. Yossi Tanner, the envoy of the Republic of Finland to the United Nations and the special on the Syrian file and also, she received his deputy, and they discussed efforts to solve the Syrian crisis and humanitarian issues.

The delegation was received, along with the co-chair of SDC, the co-chair of the Syriac Union Party,Sanharib Barsoum, a member of the Public Relations Office, Naser Al-Din Ibrahim and a member of the Presidential Council ,Ibrahim Al-Talaj.

The two sides discussed the ten-year-old Syrian crisis and the various efforts to solve it, the reasons for its stumbling and the obstacles for finding a final solution that ends the suffering of the Syrian people.
The co-chair, Amina Omar, talked about the regions of northern and eastern Syria and the experience of the Autonomous Administration, and the continuous efforts to develop this experience through community participation and the sharing of all different political parties in their perspectives.

Commenting on this, the Finnish diplomat, Mr. Yossi Tanner said:
“The example that was presented by this experience to the Middle East region, which was represented by democracy, pluralism, and respect for women’s rights was very important and must be developed and generalized.”
Also, the co-chair of SDC spoke about the method of decision-making and legislation of the structure of Autonomous Administration, and establishing of the councils that are emanating by it.

On the issue of combating terrorism and the file of ISIS detainees and their families, Mr. Tanner said that the government of his country wants to prosecute those who participated in hostilities on its land , as well as restore women and children and work to reintegrate them into society.
Mr. Tanner did not hide the sensitivity of this file with respect to Western countries in general, calling for a complete solution to it after the Syrian Democratic Forces, ” SDF “, offered thousands of martyrs in order to defeat them.
Mr. Tanner also expressed his sorrow because of the closure of the “Al-Yarubiyah” border crossing with Iraq, which was considered a route for the entry of humanitarian aid of the United Nations organizations, and he considered its closure “unfair” to the residents of the region.

The co-chair of the Syriac Union Party, Sanharib Barsoum, spoke about the freedom of religions in northern and eastern Syria and the protection of diversity in the Autonomous Administration, pointing out to the alliance of extremist opposition factions with Turkey which aim to occupy more Syrian lands and achieve their goals in a central Syria ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood supported by Turkey.

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