The Syrian Democratic Council

“Congratulation card for New Year holidays ”

“Congratulation card for New Year holidays



On the occasion of the New Year holidays and the birth of Christ, which marks on December 25,

We offer our congratulations to the Christian sisters and brothers in Syria , all peoples around the world and to all the Syrian people, wishing them a happy holiday, hoping that this feast will be full of safety and peace for all.


On this occasion, we reiterate our assertion that the region of north and east Syria is a type for coexistence, tolerance, harmony and peace for all its components, and a bright example for the future of Syria that every Syrian wishes it .

We are as members in the Syrian Democratic Council, will not hesitate to protect the values of coexistence and peace until we come up with a Syria that embraces all its people without discrimination or differentiation, in a unified Syria and liberated from the terrorism, occupation and tyranny, and we will seek to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people for establishing a decentralized democratic Syria.


Happy New Year


December 25, 2020

Syrian Democratic Council

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