The Syrian Democratic Council

A statement to the media and world public opinion

We are as members in the Syrian Democratic Council, through our relentless pursuit and continuous struggle to end the Syrian crisis through dialogue and political means that are peaceful, in accordance with UN Resolution 2254 and Geneva Statement 2012, and to end the suffering of the people that has resulted of the years of the crisis, which have exceeded ten years. And at the time of the intransigence of the regime with its chauvinistic, denial mentality, suspicious international silence, lack of full commitment to the guarantor and active states for the Syrian crisis, foremost of which are the Russian Federation and the United States of America, and the insistence of the Turkish occupation on its continuous threats to the region, seeking through this to prolong the Syrian crisis through its direct interventions at times or through its mercenaries and the extremist radical forces at another time, to complete what they call the new Ottoman Empire based on the “Milli Pact” by occupying more lands and deducting them for the benefit of the Turkish state by not recognizing the international charters, norms and covenants.
The revolution in northern and eastern Syria has always known as the revolution of women, which has proven to the whole world that women deserve to live in freedom and dignity, and inspired them with their achievements and the gains made, which formed an impenetrable barrier to Erdogan’s Ottoman colonial ambitions and a major factor for ending the so-called caliphate state.
Women have become at the forefront of targeted matters according to Turkey and its proxies, represented by radical extremist groups, foremost among which is ISIS. Therefore, the Syrian woman had affected by these crimes and violations, for example, the massacre of Tal Rifaat, which was committed by the Turkish occupation state on January 23, 2021, in which four people were killed, including a woman from Afrin, Nazliya Mustafa, in addition to more than nine wounded, and this massacre is considered one of a series of previous massacres committed by the occupying state and its mercenaries, and it will not be the last one through the international silence and the expansionist colonial mentality of Erdogan. As long as Erdogan was the spiritual father of ISIS, it is not a coincidence that he committed a crime on the same day that shook the conscience of humanity by targeting each of the two women, “Saada Faisal Al-Hermas”, the co-chair of the Tel Al-Shire town council of the Dashisha that is township in the southern countryside of Al-Hasaka, and her deputy, Hind Latif Al-Khudair, who were kidnapped and then their execution was by firing squad by ISIS, because the occupying state knows the certainty that the sources of terrorism and the culture of hatred are being fought by the Syrian Democratic Council and its military wing represented by the Syrian Democratic Forces have worked with their partners in the international coalition, it will be an end to the presence of Turkish state and its interference of the Syrian crisis, the elimination of its Ottoman dream, and the withdrawal of all threats that have long threatened the world, especially the refugee issue, in which it turned it into a commodity to blackmail the world.
While we condemn and denounce these criminal acts that the Syrian people in general and women in particular are exposed to, whether by the Turkish state or by ISIS, we are as members in the Syrian Democratic Council demand that the perpetrators of these crimes to be held accountable, and we also call on the United Nations , all human rights and humanitarian organizations , women’s liberation associations and all the peoples who are fighting for their liberation to stop the interference of the Turkish state and end its violations against the peoples of the region and bring it to justice.

January 25, 2021
Syrian Democratic Council

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