The Syrian Democratic Council

Human rights and civil organizations call on the Syrian regime to end the siege on the displaced people from Afrin

The Federation of Afrin and Al-Shahbaa Lawyers and civil society organizations called on the Syrian regime to end the siege on the displaced people of Afrin and the people of Al-Shahbaa in each of Al-Shahba canton, Sheikh Maqsoud and Al-Ashrafieh neighborhoods in Aleppo.

The statement was read with the participation of civil and political institutions and a group of displaced people from Afrin in Sardam Camp in Ahdath which is a town in Al-Shahbaa canton in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

The statement included that during the continued occupation of the Afrin region and the practices of the Turkish state and its mercenaries against the original residents of Afrin through killing, displacement and changing the demography of the region, the Syrian regime practices the policies of starvation and unfair siege.
The statement included that the policies of the Syrian regime are identical to the practices of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries, in terms of restricting the population and displaced people of Afrin in Al-Shahbaa areas and some neighborhoods of Aleppo.

The statement also included that the Syrian regime prevents the entry of essential materials and imposes a hard siege that adds other pains to the suffering of displacement.
This siege is not the first siege, in which the regime had previously surrounded these areas and prevented the arrival of food and relief supplies.
The siege includes preventing the entry of gas, diesel, medicinal materials, baby milk, flour and other foodstuffs.

The statement called on the United Nations immediately and swiftly to intervene to force the Syrian regime to end the siege on Al-Shahbaa area and considers it a disaster area in need of urgent assistance.
The International Red Cross also called on the local and international media to focus on the harsh humanitarian conditions imposed by the siege on the displaced people of Afrin forcibly and the people of Al-Shahbaa and to work to convey their suffering to the whole world.