The Syrian Democratic Council

A seminar was held by SDC office on political developments in Al-Darbasiyah

A seminar was held by the organization office of the Syrian Democratic Council on political developments and SDC vision for the Syrian solution, in the presence of political figures, community activists and intellectuals, in Al-Darbasiya which is a town in north of Al-Hasakah.

The administrator in the SDC office, Mudar Al Mulla, welcomed the attendees and explained the topics that will be covered by the seminar.
In turn, a member of the Public Relations Office, Hussein Al-Ali, spoke about the political developments in the Syrian regions and the impact of international and regional changes on the Syrian file in general.

Al-Ali expressed the attitudes of the Syrian Democratic Council towards the failure of the constitutional committee meetings, calling on the international parties to implement UN Resolution 2254 effectively and to involve all Syrian parties without exclusion.
He pointed out that the path of the constitutional committee crumbles despite attempts to revive it, and said, “If time was given to build national consensuses like the one carried out by the SDC, its results would have been better at the Syrian national level”.
In another context, Al-Ali spoke about the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue and the need to work for completion the Kurdish agreement, which is considered a nationwide achievement and paves for other national consensuses and agreements.

He also touched on the “National Conference of the people of Al-Jazeera and the Euphrates” that was held last November and talked about the outcomes that resulted from it, and the insistence on implementing its provisions and thus expanding the Autonomous Administration and providing it with expertise and specialists.