The Syrian Democratic Council

A statement for the public opinion


 For nearly 3000 years, the Kurdish people have celebrated the ceremonial of Nowruz and they share this occasion with many peoples in the region in which Nowruz means the values of freedom, justice, equality, salvation from oppression and its ending. This ceremonial is considered one of the oldest ceremonials among the peoples of the Middle East, and it has lasted due to the continuing the battle between good and evil in the systems of tyranny and renaissance movements that reject tyranny and emphasize the values of coexistence and diversity in our region, in which the attempts have never stopped to standardize it and undermine the state of pluralism that our communities has it. Through these principles and based on their values, the Syrian components including Syriac people, Assyrians, Armenians, Turkmen, Arabs, Kurds, Muslims, Christians and Yazidis have organized their societal affairs since the beginning of 2014 and management the systems by establishing the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, in which nowadays and in the future will be the best solutions to make Syria out of its divisive reality and solve its crisis, which in turn became its eleventh year, after these components presented the most wonderful defense for the unity and safety of the country against ISIS supported by Erdogan, Turkey and Syrian groups that play functional roles that obstruct the Syrian solution and are hostile to the unity of the fate of these components and their societal peace. The attempts of these groups try to legalize the crimes of the Turkish occupation against the Syrian people in the areas they occupied, especially Afrin.

 We are as members of the Syrian Democratic Council, congratulate the people of Syria and the peoples of the region for coming of Nowruz, and we hope that the next Nowruz be the day of freedom for all prisoners of opinion and politicians from the prisons of the Tolatarian states, and the year for the end of the region’s crises, the end of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, the solution for the Syrian crisis according to its documented political path to the relevant legitimate international decisions, especially the 2254 resolution. We also extend our special congratulations to the Kurdish people, stressing our support for resolving the Kurdish issue in accordance with relevant international covenants to be Syria is a country for all its components and its issues are resolved in accordance with a modern constitution within a decentralized democratic state.


 March 20, 2021

 Syrian Democratic Council

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