The Syrian Democratic Council

The Presidential Council discusses the latest developments of the Syrian crisis and the methods for unifying the opposition.

Today, the regular meeting of the “Presidential Council” was held in the Syrian Democratic Council to discuss the developments of the Syrian scene and ways to solve the crisis in the country by uniting the democratic opposition forces and mobilizing energies to end the system of tyranny and achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people.
The meeting was attended by the majority of members of the Presidential Council including representatives of parties, political and societal fronts and independent personalities affiliated with SDC, whether they are in the regions of north and east Syria or the rest of the Syrian regions, and also through the Zoom program for members of the council who are abroad, in the town of “Al-Darbasiyah” that is north of Al-Hasakah.
The meeting was started by the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, who spoke about the overall political developments in the Syrian regions, the settlement path and the obstacles that limit the solution of the crisis in the country.
The members of the presidential council unanimously agreed that the presidential election held by the Syrian regime in the areas under its control, It was organized unilaterally, and the negotiating process sponsored by the United Nations, based on UN security council resolutions, foremost of which is Resolution 2254, was not taken into account.
The attendees considered that the continued competition of major international powers to determine the shape and nature of the future of Syria, as well as the struggle of local parties in Syria to impose their conditions through military options consistent with the interests of the regional powers interfering in the Syrian issue, in addition to the unwillingness of parties of the conflict to do serious actions to resolve the crisis. All of these matters make talking about a political solution in Syria to be far from attainable, and there are no hopes for a settlement, which keeps the conflict lasting and continuing.
The members of the presidential council expressed their regret over the situation in the country, and that the conflicting local parties, as well as the regional and international ones, do not care about the reality of the increasing human suffering of the Syrian people, who alone suffer from the economic deterioration and displacement, during the psychological and physical illnesses left by the devastating Corona pandemic.
The suffering of the residents of northern and eastern Syria increased because of the continued restriction on the Al- Yarubiyah border crossing with Iraq and the deprivation of more than five million Syrians from the humanitarian aid of the United Nations, as well as Turkey’s confinement of the Euphrates River water and the reservation of Syria’s share of the river’s water, which constituted a real disaster for the region.
While the suffering of thousands of refugees and displaced persons is increasing in neighboring countries, where they suffer from very difficult living and social conditions and their hopes for return are almost dashed, in addition to a large part of them being used by neighboring countries as mercenaries and paid fighters in different regions around the world, and another part is used to consolidate demographic change projects and housing them in cities and towns in which hundreds of kilometers away from their original places, as what happens in Afrin and Serekaniye which is named Ras Al-Ain.
On the other hand, the meeting commended the continuation of the Syrian Democratic Forces to fight terrorism, and their qualitative operations to pursuit of ISIS remnants, in which recently ISIS has increased its terrorist operations.
The Presidential Council discussed the efforts made by the Syrian Democratic Council through its connections and relations with many active parties, as it seeks all the time to unify the forces of the democratic opposition, and it continues to work on developing a partnership with various Syrian forces and personalities to come up with a unified vision for solving the crisis.
It called on the Presidential Council to promote the values of coexistence and to strengthen the relationships among the components in the regions of north and east Syria to prevent those who stir up sedition, and to launch initiatives on a continuous basis with the aim of enhancing participatory, developing the governance model and improving the economic reality of the population.
At the conclusion of the meeting, the co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration, Abid Hamid Al-Mahbash, presented a briefing on the overall work of the Autonomous Administration, its budget and the projects it will accomplish during the coming period.