The Syrian Democratic Council

A statement for the public opinion.

On Wednesday, July 28, the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) imposed sanctions on a variety of individuals and organized entities in Syria, including groups affiliated with the Syrian government as well as the Turkish-backed “Ahrar Al-Sharqiya” group that carried out violations and wide range crimes against human rights in Syria.
The Syrian Democratic Council welcomes this remarkable development regarding to the Office of Foreign Assets Control, which convinced that Ahrar Al-Sharqiya group committed many crimes against civilians, especially the Syrian Kurds, including the unlawful killing of our colleague, the martyr Hevrin Khalaf, as well as kidnapping, torture, confiscation of private property and including former members of the Islamic State (ISIS) with its groups, these horrific acts have increased the suffering of the population who have repeatedly suffered from mass displacement. We see as members of SDC this procedure includes important indications regarding to the development of the international position towards the Syrian crisis, and we think these developments confirm the correctness of our positions and our vision for the role of extremist terrorist groups affiliated with Turkey, which have no ideology or a national agenda and they only have extremist ideas and violent criminal activities against the Syrians, so most of them send mercenary fighters to Libya and Azerbaijan for a financial return, and there is evidence that leaders and known members of ISIS work in various positions within the structure of many of the so-called “National Army” factions, which are affiliated with the “Interim Government of the Coalition.”
Also, SDC believes these expansion and interest related to a previous report entitled “Human Trafficking” issued by the US State Department on July 1, which stated that Turkey was included within the list of countries involved in the use of child soldiers and that “Turkey provides a real support” to the “Sultan Murad Troop” in Syria, which is a Turkish-backed Syrian group that its work is recruiting and using children as fighters.
SDC confirms the continuing of danger posed by these groups affiliated with the “Syrian National Army” and their continued threat to the safe civilians in northern Syria, especially the Kurds, who have been subjected to a systematic displacement from their lands and the change of the demographic structure of their areas to be as revenge for the victories have achieved against ISIS. SDC stresses the importance of continuing to examine and monitor the behavior of these groups, especially after the news of the formation of a new center in which these groups participate in and under the direct supervision of Turkey with the intention of targeting new areas inhabited by Kurds displaced from Afrin, and the Syrian Democratic Council renews its call to the international community to assume its responsibilities towards extremist groups and the need to continue to support the Syrian Democratic Forces about their war against ISIS, and stresses the importance of the international factor for coming up with a political solution that ends the Syrian crisis with the participation of all Syrians.

Syrian Democratic Council
July 29, 2021