The Syrian Democratic Council

SDC holds the “second” dialogue seminar in the presence of cultural events and personages.

The Syrian Democratic Council, SDC, organized a dialogue seminar that brought together intellectuals and political personages in the city of Derik, in the far north-east of Syria, to discuss the current challenges and methods to resolve the Syrian crisis.
The first part of the symposium discussed the political developments and prospects for a political solution of the Syrian crisis through the regional and international developments.
A member of the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, Khalaf Dahoud, shed light on the developments taking place in the Syrian arena from Daraa and through the developments in northern Syria, the experience of the Autonomous Administration and the challenges it faces.
Dahoud spoke about the reasons that contributed to prolong the Syrian crisis and increase the suffering of the Syrian people in which these reasons are the divergence of the positions of the active countries in the Syrian file on the one hand, and the dependence of some parties of the Syrian opposition on the regional states such as Turkey on the other.
He continued, “The political parties that sought to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people are the political forces that work hard from the regions of northern and eastern Syria that embraces all its people without discrimination.”
He referred to SDC’s efforts in this path, in terms of its communication with the spectra of the democratic opposition in order to work to unify the opposition’s vision to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people, and on the other hand, the Syrian Democratic Council communicates with the active countries in the Syrian file to resolve the Syrian crisis.
In the regard of the path of developing the Autonomous Administration, a member of the Presidential Council said that the Autonomous Administration works to expand the community participation and develop its structures, as well as it formulates a new social contract with the participation of all components of the region and its political entities.
At the same time, Dahoud pointed out to the deterioration of the economic situation in all Syrian regions, including the regions of northern and eastern Syria, which suffer from the consequences of the siege imposed as a result of the closure of the crossings.
In turn, the attendees presented and discussed what was mentioned in the first part of the dialogue seminar, and enriched it with their views and suggestions. The Syrian Democratic Council held this symposium in order to involve all groups and segments of a society by the efforts of SDC to resolve the Syrian crisis.