The Syrian Democratic Council

The “SDC” delegation meets with “Mr. Joey Hood” and the new US envoy to Syria in Washington, D.C

The American Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Mr. Joey Hood, and Mr. Ethan Goldrich, the Communication Official in Syria (the official in charge of the Syrian file in the US Department of State), received the delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council, at the US Department of State building in Washington, DC, where they discussed the Syrian issue and ways to solve it.
The US Department of State confirmed to the delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council and the Autonomous Administration, headed by Mrs. Ilham Ahmed, the continuation of the partnership among the international coalition forces led by the United States of America and the Syrian Democratic Forces until the final elimination of terrorism and also, it confirmed the support for stability in the region.
The high-level US Department of State official, Mr. Joey Hood, spoke about the mission of the US forces in Syria, where he reiterated the emphasis on the survival of presence his country’s forces in Syria and the continuation of their partnership with the “SDF” until the final and comprehensive elimination of the terrorist organization ISIS and achieving a political settlement in the country.
The two sides discussed the political path and the international efforts to end the Syrian crisis, where Mr. Hood referred to the need to create an appropriate atmosphere and calm conflict areas to achieve a progress regarding the political settlement path.
Mr. Hood pointed out that the United States of America has projects to rehabilitate the infrastructure in the regions of North and East of Syria, in addition to providing economic support to the Autonomous Administration to ensure the stability and develop the region.
It is worth mentioning that this meeting is the first one for Mr. Ethan Goldrich, who is responsible for communication in Syria with Syrian delegations and representatives since his appointment on September 20, 2021 and also the meeting included Mr. David Bronstein, the US Department of State representative in the regions of North and East of Syria as well.