The Syrian Democratic Council

An educational lecture on combating a violence against women

Under the auspices of the Syrian Democratic Council and based on the council’s care to stand by the liberation struggle and keep pace with the global campaign to combat a violence against women, and under the slogan “Struggle to End Violence and Occupation”.
Today, the Women’s Office held a literary lecture by the writer Maria Al-Ajili at the council’s headquarters in Raqqa, attended by personages and delegations from the autonomous and local administrations and councils, as well as representatives of political parties and institutions in the region.
The lecturer, professor and writer Maria Al-Ajili spoke about “the Syrian woman who has suffered since antiquity until today, despite many bright events in history, in which some women could change the inferior view that men viewed towards them, such as Hatshepsut, Zenobia and Al-Khansa.”
Al-Ajili said that the Syrian crisis has devoted a violence against women and brought out other aspects of this violence, such as a displacement, a rape, and the return of the old ages embodied by ISIS. She mentioned many statistics for the World Food Program in 2020.
Violence against women has many aspects, such as family, physical, sexual and social violence, and its types are verbal, psychological, financial and political. According to Al-Ajili, “I highlighted in the lecture the dangers of asylum and economic and social violence, such as underage marriage, and the high divorce rate from 13% before the crisis to 46% in 2020”. Al-Ajili said.
Men did not miss the lecture and a participation, participatory opinions and inquiries were answered by the writer through a set of solutions that require concerted efforts by the family, society, civil society organizations and Autonomous Administration institutions to advance the educational, cultural and economic reality of women so that these “women are infrastructures in establishing an advanced, prosperous, civilized society.”
For her part, Zulekha Abdi, a member of the General Council of the Future Syria Party, in Raqqa Center, indicated that the slogan “Struggle to End Violence and Occupation” was based on the fact that Syria still has violence and occupation. She also explained that the seminar produced serious outcomes.
She added, “We must work to build a pluralistic democratic society through the awareness of men and women, and with this awareness we can reach a political solution that will make us build Syria in a democratic and decentralized manner.”
In turn, Reem Idris, a member of the Women’s Council of the Democratic Union Party, noted, “Men must participate in such dialogue seminars and not rely on women’s awareness only to reach a solution that satisfies all parties.”
While Ali Karbo, Executive Director of the Syrian Renaissance House Association, expressed his happiness to participate in such events. “During the ending of bad dark conditions, and through such seminars, women in northeastern Syria will be as a beacon to the Arab world and the whole world.” He said.