The Syrian Democratic Council

Declaration of the Spokesman of the Syria Democratic Council

Once again, Damascus government and through Foreign Ministry are resorting to escalation towards Syria Democratic Forces. These forces represent military weight, social weight and the military victory they have achieved in defending Syrian soil and unity of society in return for regional tendency to destroy Syria and control the fate of the Syrians. The open-mindedness of these forces to international community and its respect for laws and international approach to combat terrorism, the forces have become one of the main lines of defense for culture, interests of Syrian society and protection of its borders from regional ambitions.They have maintained every span abandoned by Syrian authorities which failed to take their responsibilities when terrorism spread and took control of entire provinces in Syria, leaving the people of those provinces facing swords of terrorism with their necks

The attempts of Syrian government to divert attention of international community and Syrian people from what it is committing in other parts of Syria, specifically in Idlib, from massacres against civilians within the scope of undeclared agreement with Turkish side.This government, through moving its tools and incitement in regions of Deir al-Zour; all these things require high awareness of our people in all eastern provinces, who have suffered from tyranny in the past and terrorism of ISIS, their duty is to achieve stability through their participation in development of their own self-administration institutions and civilian councils in their regions by supporting people of the region concerned within the administration of their areas, and giving aid to Syria Democratic Forces in their mission to eliminate the remaining terrorist cells waiting opportunities to re-impose their influence
We reject all the messages of Syrian Foreign Ministry to United Nations and international community against Syria Democratic Forces. We call upon Syrian government not to waste more time which will cost Syrians their lives and leave Syria open to various threats. This government should contribute to creation of climates to launch a process of national dialogue leading to writing of a new constitution guaranteeing loyalty of Syrians through constitutional articles that clearly reflect their interests instead of resorting to threats and language of betrayal. The Syria Democratic Council has always affirmed its commitment to preserve the unity of Syria, its indepedency, the Syrian people’s sovereignty over their territory and the need to end all occupations of Syrian territory.The Council renews its determination to thwart all strifes that many parties seek to sponsor. These parties are upset by victories against terrorism in north and east of Syria

Amjad Othman
Spokesman for the Syria Democratic Council
May 14, 2019

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