The Syrian Democratic Council

At an official invitation, “SDC” in Moscow to discuss the Syrian issue and bilateral relations

After receiving an official invitation from the Russian Foreign Ministry, a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council and the Autonomous Administration visited Moscow today, on Tuesday, November 23, and met with its foreign minister, Mr. Sergey Lavrov, his deputy for Middle East affairs, Mikhail Bekdanov, and a number of senior officials of the Syrian file in the Russian Foreign Ministry. They discussed methods to resolve the Syrian crisis and bilateral files which are important for both sides to advance the Syrian settlement in general.

The “SDC” delegation included the chairwoman of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, a member of the Presidential Council of the SDC Sihanouk Debo, the co-chair of the Executive Council of Al-Jazeera Region, Nazeera Goreah, in addition to the deputy head of the Department of Foreign Relations for North and East Syria, Fanar Al-Ka`it and Rashad Binaf, a representative of the Autonomous Administration in Moscow and Abdul Salam Ali, a representative of the Democratic Union Party in Moscow.

The meeting was positive, as the two sides discussed the Syrian situation in general and methods to find a comprehensive settlement for the Syrian file on the basis of UN Security Council Resolution 2254, and all files related to improving the humanitarian situation in Syria.

The meeting focused on many common points, the most important of which are the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and Moscow’s support and encouragement for dialogue between the “SDC” and the authority in Damascus.

The two sides also talked about the need to work seriously for the participation of “SDC” in the political process and to represent it in a balanced manner in the international paths as a main and active party in the Syrian scene.

This visit is considered as the second one in this year, as the Russian Foreign Ministry received the SDC in last September, and Russia had received the SDC delegation as well in August of 2020.
The two sides have many common points regarding de-escalation, establishing the stability and finding a comprehensive settlement for the Syrian issue.