The Syrian Democratic Council

A tripartite meeting among SDF, SDC and the Autonomous Administration to discuss challenges

On Saturday, November 19, the Syrian Democratic Council organized a coordinating meeting, which was attended by leaders from the Syrian Democratic Council, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, and the Syrian Democratic Forces.
The meeting, which was chaired by the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, the commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, and the co-chair of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Abd Al-Mehbash, reviewed the most important strategic issues of concern to the North and East of Syria, also they discussed the challenges facing the region at all levels and presented solutions to enhance the role of institutions within the three parties.
In the briefing presented by the chairwoman of the Executive Body of the SDC, Ilham Ahmed, the most important political developments related to the Syrian file, including the Council’s work and its meetings in the last stage, in addition to sharing the Council’s priorities and the paths through which it works to keep pace with the Syrian file, and work with all parties to communicate and strengthen the role of northeastern Syria for the Syrian solution.
The Commander-in-Chief of the SDF, Mazloum Abdi, focused in his briefing on the security and military challenges facing the regions of northern and eastern Syria, especially the recent Turkish threats and the continuous provocations by it on the border and the de-escalation line, as well as the air and ground targeting of civilians, which helps ISIS cells to escalate their activity. He stressed the importance of adhering to the international and regional agreements concluded with the various parties, the most important of which is the de-escalation agreement, with the continuation of the process of combating the terrorist organization ISIS and its active cells, along with continuing to combat extremist ideas, and joint continuous work with international actors, the international coalition and the Russian Federation, to reach a comprehensive solution for the Syrian crisis, in line with the requirements of the political and social spectrums of the Syrian people.
For his part, the co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration, Abd Al-Mehbash, indicated in his briefing to the attention that the administration witnessed by actors for the Syrian file, and focused on the need to advance the Autonomous Administration to develop its administrative and legal structure, secure the necessary competencies, and work on developing and economic projects to enable it to play its role in the next stage, in addition to giving a prominent role for the humanitarian file and the services and education sectors.
During the meeting, the negative role played by the authority in Damascus was also discussed, with its insistence on resolving the Syrian crisis in accordance with its mentality and behavior that exploits the deteriorating situation of the Syrian people, in order to expand its influence and follow reconciliation procedures devoid of national standards.
Discussions took place among the meeting members about the need for the three institutions to play their role in strengthening the Syrian identity, to work through periodic coordinating meetings to overcome difficulties and obstacles facing the development process, establish security and establish stability in all regions, North and East of Syria, and intensify the work of joint committees and bodies in terms of follow up the issues raised, and continue the administrative, political and military activity until security and stability are established in North and East Syria, and the Syrian crisis is resolved in a way that meets the aspirations and requirements of the Syrian people.
The meeting was attended by leaders from the Military Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces, members of the Presidential Body of the Autonomous Administration of northeast Syria and the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council.