The Syrian Democratic Council

• The Women’s Office meets the feminist organizations affiliated with “SDC”

Today, on Monday, January 10th, the Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council held a meeting with the women’s organizations and activities affiliated with the Council to discuss the role of women, plans and programs for their empowerment.

The meeting began with a discussion of the political developments and the Syrian crisis, where the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, spoke about the Syrian scene and how the Syrian file became no longer and didn’t receive the priority attention of the international community on the one hand, and the absence of the national consensus among Syrians on the other hand, which exacerbated the tragedy.

Omar shed light on the path that the “SDC” led to resolve the Syrian crisis through dialogue and consensus building among Syrians, in accordance with the proper implementation of UN Resolution 2254, the real involvement of women in all endeavors and ensuring their rights in the future Syria.

In turn, the head of the Executive Body of SDC, Ilham Ahmed, said that the presence of women in the political process and in decision-making makes them balanced, and she added that the absence of women in many Syrian institutions has led to the failure of those institutions.
women in North and East Syria presented a bright example of women’s capabilities and their involvement in all aspects of life, and the challenge now is to transfer this experience to the whole of Syria.
The women participants also discussed the challenges facing their work in order to empower women and enhance their role in society and in the political life.
Also, they presented proposals and programs to educate women and increase their involvement in life by increasing a coordination among women’s organizations and events, and holding workshops and dialogue sessions aimed at empowering women.

Women in the regions of North and East Syria have an effective and influential role, as they participate in all institutions and at the highest levels through the joint presidency system that guarantees women opportunities for decision-making and approval.