The Syrian Democratic Council

A Statement for the Public Opinion

On January 20th, 2022, armed people affiliated with the Islamic State Organization (ISIS) launched a terrorist attack on Al-Sina’a prison in the city of Al-Hasakah in northeastern Syria, which caused chaos and led to clashes inside and around the prison for ten days, during which the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Internal Security Forces of the Autonomous Administration in northeastern Syria managed to regain control of the prison, arrest many of them, and pursued fugitives.
This event constituted a dangerous shift regarding the dangers that were presented by ISIS on security and stability in Syria, and it reconsidered the organization’s capabilities to rearrange its ranks and organize its members through the cells that were formed by it in the region, it proved that it didn’t give up on its project presented the claimed caliphate and it wanted to have a region as a base for spreading its ideology and imposing its control.
The organization has benefited from the unstable international political situation and the conflicts of major powers in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa. In particular, it has exploited the state of conflict among the conflicting regional parties over Syria and the failure to achieve any progress in terms of a political solution, as well as the non-resolution policies formed by the international paths in Geneva and Astana, taking advantage of the hostility of the regional powers, led by Turkey, to the project of the democratic Autonomous Administration, and also it took advantage of the Turkish military and continuous attacks on the Syrian Democratic Forces, and the members of the organization benefited from their ability to move and operate in the areas occupied by Turkey and run by its armed factions. On the other hand, the unstable political situation in Iraq after the recent elections provided an opportunity for the organization to achieve breakthrough and launch terrorist attacks on the Iraqi forces coinciding with the attempt to free prisoners from Al-Hasakah prison.
On the other hand, the authority in Damascus tried to take advantage of terrorist attacks and alter the contexts of the event within a plan to increase a strife among the components of northern and eastern Syria through continuous incitement and stirring up the ethnic strife, after the failure of the authority’s project known as reconciliation, which it tried to use it as an alternative to a political solution with the aim of re-imposing the authority of tyranny.
The Syrian Democratic Council, while condemning the cowardly terrorist act and any attack on the Syrian Democratic Forces, appreciates the heroic role of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Internal Security Forces, and praises the role of civilians, clans and political forces who supported the “SDF” forces in the battle of Al-Sina’a prison in Al- Hasakah.
While the Council offers its sincere condolences to the families of martyrs and victims, it calls on all Syrians throughout Syria to stand united against organization’s attempts which aim to re-control over Syrian society through intimidation.
The Council also condemns the Turkish attacks that targeted civilians and the power station in the village of Karkendal in the countryside of Derik city on Tuesday, February 1st, leaving a number of martyrs, as well as the destruction of the station and making it out of service. The Council calls on the global coalition and foremost of which are the USA and Russian Federation to assume their responsibilities toward the agreements concluded in October 2019 and calls on the Security Council to intervene to put an end to Turkey’s aggressive policies in the region.
The Council also rejects the attempts of the authority in Damascus to spread a discord among components, and it calls on the international community to show more responsibility towards the threat of ISIS, and to provide what is necessary in order to confront this danger, while the Council calls on the international community to find a common solution for the issue of the organization’s families in the camps, which constitutes a burden and a serious danger to society in North and East of Syria, the Council stresses the importance of starting actual and serious steps towards a political solution in Syria according to methods based on UN references, foremost of which is Resolution 2254, in a manner that guarantees a fair representation for all Syrians, emphasizing that the political solution and the achievement of the democratic transition are the only solution for the Syrian crisis, achieving security and stability, and not allowing for attempt of reviving the terrorist organization ISIS.


On February 3rd, 2022
The Syrian Democratic Council

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