The Syrian Democratic Council

The Relations Office holds its annual meeting and sets its next strategy

On Friday, February 4th, the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council held its annual meeting in the city of Al-Hasakah, with the attendance and participation of all the committees and branches of the office inside the city and the council’s representatives abroad.

Representatives of political parties and civil activities, the Department of Foreign Relations of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and representatives of the Syrian Democratic Forces as well as the co- presidency of the council and the chairwoman of the Executive Body, attended the meeting. The meeting members discussed the recent developments in the region and the escalation of the danger of ISIS after the events of Al-Sina’a prison in Al-Hasakah and the increase in the activity of cells of the global terrorist organization.

The political report of the Office of Relations reviewed through its assessment the political situation, the totality of the events that the world is witnessing and their repercussions on the Syrian crisis and the path for its solution through the international and regional alignment and the adoption of a policy of “no war, no peace”.
The meeting members saw that during the crises that the world is experiencing and the emergence of new files, the active countries have relinquished the priority attention of the Syrian file, in addition to the failure of the efforts made within the well-known paths in Geneva, Sochi and Astana to end the Syrian crisis.

The meeting members called for adopting the path of the third method through the assembly of democratic forces and a new structure for the opposition that would be able to play a real role in resolving the Syrian conflict and present a national and democratic model that would serve as an alternative to the centralized authoritarian regime that brought crises and tribulations for the Syrians over the past decades.
The meeting members indicated that the “SDC” through its series of political and diplomatic activities inside and outside the country, it was able to establish a Syrian case that paves the Syrian national transition and presents a modern model, which is the Autonomous Administration, after it conducted successful experiences in the regions of North and East of Syria, and created the interaction and harmony among its components, despite the attempts to incite chaos and strife in the region.
The annual meeting reiterated the approach followed by the “SDC” to unify Syrians and pave circumstances for comprehensive consensuses, whether inside the country or with Syrian movements and figures abroad.
Regarding to relations with the regional community, the meeting members stressed the importance of the Arab role in resolving the Syrian crisis and called for strengthening strong relations with Arab countries and working together to reach a peaceful solution for the Syrian conflict.
At the international level, the meeting members called for making the work of the council’s representatives more active abroad and expanding relations at all levels to serve the Syrian national cause and resolve its crisis.
On the organizational side, the office members proposed a new structure in line with the developments and work through its institutionalization and the completion of the Council’s active diplomatic movement in the capitals of international decision-making.

The meeting members, unanimously, agreed to increase communication with the various national forces and to continue towards establishing more realistic steps to make “SDC” a democratic national center of attraction by creating a safe environment and overcoming all obstacles to reach a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized Syria as a path and a strategic plan during the next stage.

The meeting enjoyed serious and constructive discussions and proposals for developing and improving work by the attendees and the Council’s representatives in Washington, Europe, Egypt and the Kurdistan region of Iraq.
The meeting was concluded with a number of decisions and recommendations.


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