The Syrian Democratic Council

A Statement for the Public Opinion Regarding the Popular Movement in As-Suwayda

During the past five days, our people in the city of As-Suwayda went out in peaceful demonstrations, demanding freedom, dignity and improving living conditions.
Despite the control of a repressive security of the Damascus authority, the revolution of freedom and dignity did not stop, as hope was accompanying it at every moment, and despite setbacks that punctuated its march during the past decade, the spirit is still renewed today in As-Suwayda as a resounding voice of all Syrians.
The revolution deviated from its path when it was dominated by political Islam, and later by terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Al-Nusra, and the mercenary factions that branched off from them which move by the orders and agendas of the Turkish occupation. All of them served the survival of the tyrannical regime because their goal is to gain power and not to obtain people’s just rights.
What is happening today in the popular movement in As-Suwayda is a revival of the revolution, a revolution that calls for a decent living and preserves its dignity. This movement is nothing but a new challenge against tyranny and another proof that the revolution of rights is active.
The Syrian Democratic Council, as it stands by the revolutionary movement in As-Suwayda and closely follows its developments, calls on its leaders to lead their own path and not allow any party to deviate it from its peaceful path, a process that calls for democratic change, and makes Syria a state of social justice, freedom, equality and law.
In this regard, the Syrian Democratic Council warns of the seriousness of the situation in As-Suwayda and expresses its great concerns about the authorities in Damascus exploiting the international conditions, especially at a time when the world is preoccupied with the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, and considers it an opportunity to suppress the peaceful revolutionary movement there without any accountability or supervision. Accordingly, the Council calls on the international community, and in particular the Russian government, to deter the authority in Damascus from committing any massacres, to hold it accountable for a violation of our people in As-Suwayda, to participate in the dialogue, and to conclude a political solution as the only key for saving people, country, and the stability of the region.

On February 12th, 2022
The Syrian Democratic Council

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