The Syrian Democratic Council

A Statement on the Occasion of International Women’s Day

Every year, the eighth of March falls International Women’s Day, a day that was as a result of women’s long and continuous struggles for justice, dignity, freedom and equality.
Women have always been the ideal of sacrifice, construction, progress and humanity, and have always faced various forms of injustice and tyranny for confrontation the interests, aspirations and exploitation of the authoritarian class.
In turn, Syrian women have the greatest share of this struggle, injustice and persecution during 11 years of the Syrian war, in which Syrian women assumed great responsibilities and faced many challenges, in addition to the traditional difficulties faced by them, the most important of which is the discrimination among them and men, customs and traditions controlled by the concept of the inferiority of women to be victims of harsh conditions that destroyed human beings, especially in the Syrian areas occupied by the Turkish state.
In other territories of Syria, Syrian women were the ideal of an organization, a resistance and achievements, in particular what women in the North and East of the country have achieved in terms of organizational, administrative, political and military aspects, and their getting of some of their rights and achieving leadership levels in the revolution.
We as members of the Syrian Democratic Council, congratulate the International Women’s Day for all Syrian women and women of the world. We emphasize the need for women’s political empowerment and participation in the peace and construction process as well as we call on all Syrian women in various regions of Syria to join their efforts to be a starting to resolve the Syrian crisis and reach a decentralized, democratic and pluralistic Syria, a Syria for all Syrians, a Syria where women’s rights are protected.

We wish good health for all women

On March 7th, 2022
The Syrian Democratic Council

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