The Syrian Democratic Council

A Statement on the occasion of the Syrian Revolution

Eleven years have elapsed since the outbreak of the Syrian Revolution, which began in the city of Daraa after more than a suffering was become clear by Syrians in Damascus and other areas. This movement quickly spread in most Syrian cities and towns, and expanded to include all regions of the country. The voices of peaceful demonstrators calling for freedom and dignity are continuous, and those free voices were met with bullets, and the excessive violence practiced by the security services in a brutal manner unprecedentedly in the modern history.
The Syrian revolutionary movement in the middle of March 2011 was preceded by many years of struggle against tyranny, in which Syrian citizens suffered oppression and scourge as a result of the inhuman policies practiced by the regime against them for decades, those authoritarian policies that sent many freedom fighters for years in prisons and detentions where they faced the most severe forms of torture, injustice and persecution.
The authority in Damascus is responsible for the humanitarian disaster in Syria, and it is primarily responsible for the killing, destruction and displacement, sending people to Prisons and detentions, and the loss of abductees and forcibly disappeared persons. The authority rejected all internal dialogue initiatives seeking for a solution, made efforts for the internationalization of the crisis, and made Syria a state in violation of sovereignty, its territories are occupied and held hostage by regional and international powers. On the other hand, the authority of Damascus changed the path of the Syrian Revolution from its libertarian path and making it towards arming alongside the opposition and Islamic and terrorist organizations. Despite many difficulties and challenges faced by the Syrian Revolution, and despite all the attempts of kidnapping and theft that it has been subjected to by mercenary agents of the counter-revolution, it remains a revolution of inherent rights, freedom and dignity, and will remain a historical process that is full of hope, and the transcendence of goals and demands.
The Syrian Democratic Council reaffirms its commitment to defend the demands of the martyrs of freedom and dignity and believes that the better solution in Syria is achieving a political transition to establish a democratic, pluralistic and decentralized state that constitutionally guarantees the rights of all national and religious components, and the political, economic, social and cultural rights of all citizens, groups and individuals, without any discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion or language. The Council stresses the need for all parties of the National Democratic Opposition to come together for a unified vision, an inclusive plan and a path to end the crisis and occupation and achieve the goals of the revolution of freedom and dignity. The council also calls on the international community to cooperate and support the national democratic path because it is the only way to save the country and achieve security and stability in the region.

Glory and Eternity for Martyrs
Freedom for Prisoners of conscience.

On March 14th, 2022
The Syrian Democratic Council

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