The Syrian Democratic Council

The “SDC” discusses the Syrian crisis and its consequences between reality and occupation in Aleppo

On Tuesday, the Bureau of Relations of the Syrian Democratic Council in the center of Aleppo organized a dialogue seminar entitled “The Syrian crisis and its consequences between reality and occupation”, in conjunction with the approach of the fourth anniversary of the Turkish occupation of the city of Afrin and to discuss the progress of the situation in Syria, as well as to discuss solutions to overcome the obstacles to the solution of the Syrian crisis.

The seminar was attended by a great group of independent political and human rights figures, dignitaries of the city of Aleppo, as well as political parties, community events and women.

The seminar began regarding the main theme by talking about the political changes taking place in the world and the region by a member of the Bureau of Relations, Fatima Al-husseino, saying that “These regional and global crisis situations highlights the Syrian crisis as one of the most complex crises experienced by humanity after the end of the Second World War and the era of the Cold War, for several reasons, the most important of which is the failure of efforts within the well-known paths, including the Geneva, Sochi and Astana paths”.
Al-husseino added that the increasing of the international and regional in Syria expresses the connection of the Syrian file with the most complex global and regional files as fundamental objective factors and the dispersion of the position of the National Democratic opposition as one of the most important subjective factors”.

“Al-husseino” touched on goals of the Turkish occupation of Syrian territories and its efforts to change the demographic of the region, which involves expansive goals to restore its historical dreams. Statistics and documents were mentioned about the Turkish violations against civilians in the city of Afrin in conjunction with the approach of the fourth anniversary of the Turkish occupation of the city of Afrin.

She likened what is happening in the city of Afrin to the Guantanamo detention center, where she said that since the first day of the occupation of the city, the Turkish occupation practiced the worst violations against the remaining civilians, and perhaps the most prominent practices that were carried out were kidnappings and killings, most of which were for the purpose of asking for financial ransom and for revenge motives, where Afrin has become like a large prison like (Guantanamo) where only the law of the jungle prevails.

She pointed out that with the absence of the Syrian file and its lack of priority by the international community and the influential countries where no initiatives to overcome the contradictions regarding the Syrian file. “The Syrian Democratic Council continues to hold meetings with various international actors regarding the Syrian matter and with various opposition parties inside country and abroad to formulate a national approach and expand the base of consensus among all parties, in order to end the state of tyranny and centralization.” She said.

She ended the theme by stressing the continuation of the Syrian Democratic Council to struggle and seek at all international levels, including a domestic level, to achieve what the Syrian people seek regarding democracy and pluralism and to meet their requirements in radical change for the better through implementation of international resolutions, especially Resolution 2254, to reach a democratic, pluralistic and decentralized Syria.

On the other hand, the participants in the seminar asked questions and queries and enriched them with their participations, which focused on the need to resolve the Syrian crisis and the importance of the Syrian –Syrian dialogue through a new evaluation of the Syrian crisis within the system of the Syrian diversity and pluralism, preserving the unity of Syria and the safe of its territories and ending all occupations, especially the Turkish occupation.


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