The Syrian Democratic Council

A Statement for the Public Opinion on the occasion of Eid Nowruz

Most of the people of the region celebrate Nowruz, which means a new day. Although the vision and conviction on Nowruz of each people differ from the other, whether they have national, religious or nature-related connotations, but they agree that the values of Nowruz mean advancement, freedom and rebirth, and emphasize the values of goodness, equality and giving. The Kurds are at the forefront of these peoples celebrating Nowruz more than three thousand years ago.

The Syrian Democratic Council congratulates the Kurds in Syria, the region and the world on Nowruz, and affirms that the Kurdish issue is a national issue that must be resolved in accordance with international covenants and covenants within the unity of the country and the safe of its territories, and that one of the most important factors for the stability of the region and the resolution of its crises, foremost among which is the Syrian crisis, which has entered its eleventh year, is finding a just solution for the Kurdish issue, considering it as a fundamental part of the Syrian democratic issue and a decisive criterion for the transition, Democratic Change of Syria and the resolution of its crisis, achieving democratic, non-sectarian rule for a decentralized, pluralistic state. So, declaiming to resolve this issue serves other parties and thus loses all components of national and religious people of Syria. Hundred years ago, if the delegates forcibly denied peoples of our region, the rights of the Kurdish people, their cause, their natural and common rights and the issues of other indigenous peoples in the Middle East, it is time for the Syrian National Democratic Forces to say their just opinions regarding this and other issues.

The SDC also calls on all Syrians to make Nowruz an official national holiday in Syria, and to re-celebrate Mother’s Day as it was known to all on May 13th, after it was forcibly altered and introduced with Nowruz Day by decree 104 in 1988. The SDC members wish Nowruz in the next year to be an end of the Syrian pain and be the beginning of a sustainable peace for Syria, the region and the world.

Happy Nowruz to all
On March 20th, 2022
The Syrian Democratic Council

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