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The conclusion of the second consultative meeting of Democratic Powers and figures in Sweden

On Sunday, April 10th, the second consultative meeting called by the Syrian Democratic Council and the Democratic Powers and figures of the Syrian Opposition in the Swedish capital Stockholm concluded for the second day, which was under the slogan “necessity, possibilities and hope”, as it was held in preparation for the conference of Democratic Powers and figures and discuss a political vision to achieve better and great representation of the Syrian Opposition.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the U.S., British and Swiss foreign affairs, as well as Democratic figures, representatives of Democratic Powers, and the sponsorship of the Ulf Palm International Foundation.

This meeting is important because it expresses hopes of Syria the state and the homeland and discusses the concept of the decentralized regime as a start point for a Democratic National framework that preserves the unity of territories and national sovereignty and creates a balance among the Universal Syrian identity and local identities in order to achieve a just solution for the Kurdish issue and other ethnic minorities within an inclusive national framework, as it discusses the essence of the regime of the desired state, the role of democrats, the try to unite them and organizes their differences to come up with a win-win solution for all Syrians.

In the second day, the dialogue was divided into two sessions, the first of which was entitled “Towards a conference of Democratic Powers and figures of the Syrian opposition”, where they discussed the objectives and expected outputs and included several proposals in order to develop work to achieve the best results.

During this session, the Co- chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riyadh Darrar, touched on the path followed by “SDC” and the preparatory committee for four years, “We have held three dialogue forums inside the country since 2018 in which they were founded for ideas and projects” he said. On the essence of the project, Darrar pointed out by saying that “our project appeared in two words place and possibility”. “We held six workshops formed the preparatory committee for this meeting” he added. Darrar noted that “the guiding speeches of the participants are useful in order to achieve the integrated political initiative”.

While the closing session discussed some complicated issues and some were delayed for another meeting that prepares for the success of the conference of Democratic Powers and figures to be explained, and the session included praise for the attendees and valuable participations put forward, most of attendees agreed that “all things point to the possibility of decentralization and therefore the people must seek to achieve the possible matters”.

At the end of the second consultative meeting, the participants came up with a set of issues and outputs in the form of a final statement about the meeting and stated:


The Final Statement

At the invitation of Ulf Palm International Center and sponsorship by the Swedish government, the second Stockholm meeting was held on 9/10 April in the presence of Democratic figures and representatives of many Syrian Democratic Powers and during intensive and focused sessions and dialogues, what were put forward by the preparatory committee were discussed as follows:

1- Understanding the situation in Syria after the conflict that didn’t express the revolution of the Syrian people in March 2011 for freedom and dignity and made the country a critical area among the powers of tyranny on the one hand and extremist and terrorist powers that changed the original path of the revolution on the other hand.

2- Starting to solve complicated issues and discuss the concept of the decentralized regime as a starting point for a Democratic National Framework for governance based on equal citizenship and ensuring the rights of all components of society.

3- Discussing of the role of Democrats in the next phase, unite them, ways of meeting them and prospects for the practical development to reach their conference, where the meeting aims to prepare well for it in order to restore the Syrians to their national decision.

4- Several proposals for work were discussed and continued among meetings through communication.

5- programming the next meeting so as to develop a structure for the desired conference in addition to discussing other coplicated issues and explaining what were discussed in this meeting.


In Stockholm

On April 10th,2022

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