The Syrian Democratic Council

A statement regarding the massacre of Al-Tadamon neighborhood

The Syrian war has made Syrians experienced violence that the world has not seen in the current century. The Syrian people have become victims of the struggle for power, sectarian groups, and the implementation of the foreign agenda, resulting massacres that denounce humanity, including the graphic scenes that have recently represented by the massacre of Al-Tadamon neighborhood which shocked the world for the heinous crime committed against 41 blindfolded civilians to be executed by bullets and burning their bodies in a brutal and horrific scene.

This scene reminds us dozens of massacres committed against Syrians by various parties of the conflict, in which the perpetrators of which have not been punished so far as the massacre of the 4th Road, where the politician and peacemaker, Hevrin Khalaf, with her driver and her companions were killed brutally, as well as the crime of representing the body of Barin Kobani and cutting her body in front of cameras. What unites these crimes is the ability of the perpetrators to look at the cameras confidently as if they are not afraid of punishment because there are those who protect them and push them to commit these massacres.

We are as members of the Syrian Democratic Council express our regret at the horror of the scenes that have been published for the massacre of Al-Tadamon neighborhood, and call for the punishment of those involved and bringing them to justice. we also call for the formation of committees to investigate the crimes committed against Syrians. Some massacres were discovered, so now there are inevitably dozens of massacres that have not been documented in prisons, and all who involved in committing these crimes must be brought to justice.

We stress that a comprehensive political solution cannot be reached if war criminals are not punished and the fates of the missing and detainees are clarified.

It is not possible to build a homeland based on true citizenship and in which the Syrian identity is the universal and supreme identity for all of us if no crime is convicted, especially of sectarian, national or religious motives.

We ask for patience and solace for the families of the victims who knew the fates of their missing through the published video, and we ask for mercy and forgiveness for the victims.

We are as members of the Syrian Democratic Council affirm our working to document all violations and crimes against all Syrians and we submit them to the international concerned parties for follow-up and punishment of the perpetrators. In all the events that we attend, we call for the disclosure of the fate of the missing and detainees, and the establishment of fair courts for war criminals to be punished. Syria that we aspire to it, should be free of violence, and based on respect of others, love and peace.

On April 29th, 2022
The Syrian Democratic Council

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