The Syrian Democratic Council

Ilham Ahmed Turkey has exploited and continues to exploit the international silence and its institutions to expand in the Syrian territories and occupy them

Ilham Ahmed, the Chairwoman of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, said that Turkey has taken advantage of the international silence to expand in Syrian territories and occupy more Syrian cities and villages in the North of Syria and systematically practice the changing of the population formation in those areas.

The speech of the Chairwoman of the Executive Body of the SDC was during the International Dialogue Forum on “Afrin is between the Turkish occupation and international interests”, which is now held in the areas of Al-Shahbaa in the northern countryside of Aleppo, in the presence and participation of political, human rights and academic figures from Arab and American countries through the application of ZOOM.

Ahmed described the addressing of countries and international institutions with the Afrin issue as double standards that Turkey relied on to expand, occupy and practice the crime of the demographic change in the North of Syria clearly in the world.

She pointed out that Turkey targeted the cultural depth and the identity of Kurdish Afrin, adding that the issue of Afrin is the issue of all Syrians.
Ahmed noted that countries in the Arab League support and finance Turkey’s settlement and expansion projects in Afrin, calling for a review of their policies.
“While the Arab League is talking about worrying Israeli settlements in Palestine, Turkey is building settlements with the support of Arab countries,” she said.

She stressed that the SDC doesn’t agree with any party that commits crimes against Syrians and she called to allow for all displaced Syrians and refugees to return safely to their areas of origin after ending the occupation and tyranny.
At the end of her speech, the Chairwoman of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, called on the residents of Afrin to adhere to their territories and demand to return to their homes in their areas in origin.

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