The Syrian Democratic Council

“The Turkish invasion of Afrin is an ethnic cleansing of its indigenous people” the Director of the Syrian Observatory says.

Rami Abd Al-Rahman, the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said that “the goal of the Turkish invasion of the Afrin region is the ethnic cleansing of its people, so that today the Sunni component is the only one in it”.

Abd Al-Rahman warned about the silence towards Erdogan’s latest plan because it would extend to control the whole of northern Syria.

That was clear during his participation in the International Dialogue Forum entitled “Afrin is between the Turkish occupation and international interests” and it was held on Tuesday in the northern countryside of Aleppo by the ZOOM application.

The Director of the Observatory pointed out that this plan is old before Turkey entered Syrian territories and that Erdogan is looking for funding. “This plan included the occupation of areas east of the Euphrates, and the construction of two cities between Kobani and Seri kaniye (Ras Al-Ain) to be the area of the beginning of the spread of cities belonging to Turkey in 2015, and the project failed because of the international rejection of the project at the time” he said.

Abd Al-Rahman pointed out that this project for the demographic change will not make the region safe, thus it refutes the claims of the Turkish officials.
“Turkish officials have often claimed that their goal is to return the indigenous people to their home and that was a distortion of the facts because it proved the process of the ethnic cleansing, and according to the United Nations, the coercion through forced methods and detention civilians are similar to arrest camps” he pointed out.

In conclusion, Rami Abd Al-Rahman stressed focusing on the media to expose Erdogan’s colonial policies and support the hashtag campaign to achieve an international consensus and deliver opinions to the highest international bodies and human rights organizations effectively.

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