The Syrian Democratic Council

The “SDC” organizes a dialogue seminar with the administrators of institutions in Raqqa

The Syrian Democratic Council held a dialogue seminar to discuss the Turkish threats and attacks on the Autonomous Administration areas and their impact on the path of the political resolution, attended by administrators and members of the people’s municipality in Raqqa, on Tuesday, June 14th, at the headquarters of the council in the city of Raqqa.

The seminar began by talking about the latest political developments on the international and regional arenas and discussing Turkish threats and attacks on Syria. “Turkey intervened regarding the Syrian affairs from the beginning of the crisis by various propaganda and arguments, but the truth is to achieve its Ottoman expansionist ambitions and consider Aleppo and Mosul as Ottoman provinces.” a member of the Presidential Council, Ali Rahmon, spoke.

Regarding the approach taken by the Turkish government since the occupation of the Iskenderun brigade and the seizing of a 5 km-wide border of the Syrian territory in 1989, Rahmon said that “Turkey has supported the Islamic jihadist factions and followed the policy of demographic change in the occupied areas, and their ambitions will not end if the Syrian people of various sects do not stand together against them and they should reject the occupation.”

Regarding the second theme of the seminar, Thubiya Al-Nasser, the administrator of the Women’s Bureau at the Syrian Democratic Council, addressed the role of the Syrian Democratic Council in achieving a balance among the international active powers to repel these attacks and threats currently facing Syria. “After 11 years of the revolutionary movement, we are witnessing negotiations between Russia, Iran and Turkey on Syrian territory, and there is only the Syrian Democratic Council as a political power seeking the demands of the Syrian people practically.” Thubiya Al-Nasser said.

“We must all join hands to achieve freedom, social justice, equality, security and stability.” Al-Nasser continued.

In turn, the participants stressed the unity of Syrians against external threats and the pretext of Turkish claims on the safe zone and Border Protection, and they stressed that the Autonomous Administration project represents a real alternative to dictatorship and tyranny.

In conclusion, the attendees praised the efforts of the Syrian Democratic Council to resolve the Syrian crisis, overcome obstacles, its vision in bringing points of view together, and the constructive dialogue. Also, they called for more such meetings.

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