The Syrian Democratic Council

The Chairwoman of Executive Body of the SDC Meets with a Wide Audience of Raqqa’s Women

On Sunday, the Syrian Democratic Council held a women’s meeting to discuss the most important developments and Turkish threats in the presence of Ilham Ahmed, the chairwoman of the Executive Body, with a wide audience of feminist activists, politicians, intellectuals and administrators in cooperation with the Zenobiya women’s gathering in the city of Raqqa on the Bank of the Euphrates River.

Ilham Ahmed, the chairwoman of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, began the meeting by talking about global crises and their repercussions on societies and the complexity of the situation. Therefore, the chairwoman of the Executive Body warned the international community about the statements made by Turkey by the president of the Turkish regime Erdogan and his attempts to attack Syria. “Any Turkish attack on our regions will endanger the international security, where the 30 Kilometers wide distance in Syrian territory, contains prisons for ISIS members and camps for their families, which means reviving the most notorious terrorist organizations in the world.” She said.
“Turkey targets the popular presence of Syrians in their areas and forcibly displace them to settle foreign groups and terrorist factions,” Regarding what the Turkish state calls the Safe Zone and its desire to occupy it and make gains at the expense of the Syrian people and impose a new reality and the process of demographic change, Ahmed said.

“We agree with achieving a political process for the safe return of all Syrians to their places of origin and against demographic change and settlement.” Ahmed said.
“The first step in confronting the Turkish threat is diplomatic efforts, and on the ground, we are looking for strengths, alternatives and finding joint working mechanisms,” regarding the efforts of the SDC, the SDF, the Autonomous Administration and diplomatic efforts to stop the Turkish aggression and the rejection of the entire international community of these threats, Ahmed said.

Ahmed concluded her speech by focusing on the role of women in liberating society, protecting children and building a new Syria and said that “women in the Autonomous Administration areas have given a great opportunity for awareness, freedom and access to their rights, and that the level of awareness of women is the main measure of building societies,” despite the challenges and distortion practiced by the enemies of the decentralized democratic project.

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