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The Most Important Syrian Elites Reject Turkish Threats Via an Official Statement

The elites and figures of Syria expressed their rejection of Turkish threats and Turkey’s settlement project in the North of Syria, calling for resolving all issues by dialogue and peaceful methods away from the war and violence that have exhausted the Syrians.

This came during an official statement signed by more than one hundred and thirty Syrian figures including journalists, writers, politicians, artists, activists and researchers, entitled “A statement by national powers and Syrian public figures in order to stop the threats of war and violence in the North of Syria”.

These elites expressed their fear of the danger of Turkey continuing its war on the Syrian North and making the country as a catastrophic situation that may end it after the disaster experienced by Syrians. “Our country is now threatened by an imminent danger that may end it and make its reconstruction an unattainable dream and perhaps impossible, if the Turkish government implements its threats and launches its military operation or its fifth war in the North of Syria” those elites said.

The signatories of the statement believe that Turkish concerns and demands can be dispelled by dialogue and negotiation. “There is a good understanding of the Turkish keenness on the national security by the friends and opponents of the Turkish government in Syria, as it is obvious in Turkey, it is a demand that everyone believes the possibility of achieving it by dialogue and negotiation, to dispel concerns and develop guarantees for all” the statement said.

“We believe that attempts to beat the drums of war and resolve the issue by violence are only an exacerbating and establishing a situation of hostility that Syrians of all affiliations do not want,” The statement said.

The statement added that the choice of war and violence will harm everyone and will establish a state of hostility after the government and people of Turkey received Syrian refugees fleeing from the massacres of the authoritarian regime and its absolute violence as well as the rest of Syrians in the North of the country whether they are Arabs, Kurds, Syrians, Turkmen or otherwise, as the statement described.

“The implementation of the announced plan to return hundreds of thousands of refugees and resettle them on the border in improvised housing complexes will not have the effect that the Turkish government mainly wants, because it will exacerbate social contradictions in Syria because it is close to the border, and repeat experiences of demographic engineering that have become from the past, and their repetition cannot be succeeded with the disasters that have caused where the world is still affected by their repercussions” Regarding Turkey’s projects in northern Syria and the settlement of thousands in areas other than their original areas, the statement said.

The statement called on the parties to adhere to peace, understanding and abide by international laws and resolve the Kurdish issue by dialogue with all parties, by saying that “We call for adherence to peace, dialogue, understanding and abide by international laws from international law to human rights regulations. This is the right path to resolve the Kurdish issue by the Kurdish – Kurdish, Kurdish – Arab and Kurdish – Turkish dialogue; it is also a right method to resolve the Syrian issue; it is the only possible method for any safe and civilized future”.

The statement was concluded by calling on the Turkish government to retreat from the path of war and ruin, and they appealed to the United Nations, the Global Coalition to combat terrorism and the European Union in order to do everything that would prevent the disaster facing the country, and also called on the peoples of the world and its freemen to join them and support their call.


Signatories are:
– Suleiman Al-kufiri is an opposition politician.
– Dr. John Nasta is a member of the leadership of the diaspora and National Coordinating Body for Change.
– Mizgin Youssef is the Chairwoman of the Yazidi Council of Syria.
– Samira al-Musalma is a writer in Afrin platform, Muwatana Movement, Nawat Watan.
– Alice mufarrij is a feminist politician.
– Lina Wafai is a feminist political activist.
– Jumana Saif is a human rights activist.
– Ruwaida Kanaan is a feminist political activist.
– Sabiha Khalil is a feminist political activist.
– Rateb shaabo is a writer, researcher and former detainee.
– Dr. Abdullah Turkmani is a writer and researcher.
– Wael Sawah is a Syrian writer.
– Ahmed Al-Remih is a writer and researcher.
– Adnan Makiya is a Director of the Center for Democratic Republic Studies.
– Rabeea Al-Shariti is a Director of the Center for Democratic Republic Studies.
– Youssef Fakher Al-Din is a Palestinian-Syrian writer.
– Amal Muhammed is a political activist.
– Koman Hussein is a Kurdish political activist.
– Samiha Nader is a political activist.
– Amarji -Syrian Democratic committees.
– Abd Allah Haj Muhammed is a Syrian politician.
– Issam Dimashqi is an opposition politician.
– Bassam Al-Marai is a political activist.
– Hussein Qasim is a political activist.
– Ali Rahmon is a politician in Adel Center for Human Rights.
– Mustafa Osso is an independent Kurdish human rights activist and politician.
– Professor Ibrahim shahoud is a retired university professor.
– Mahmoud Sheikhani is a visual artist.
– Sahaf Abd Al-Rahman is a visual artist.
– Burhan Nassif is a political activist.
– Hafez Jebaai is a political activist.
– Nasser Youssef is a Syrian economist.
– Muwaffaq Nirabiya is a writer and opponent.
– Juma Abd Al-Qader is a writer.
– Khalil Hussein is an activist and editor of Al-Safinah website.
– Behzad Diab is a politician and former detainee.
– Habib Ibrahim is a member of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party-yekiti.
– Dr. Ghayath naisa is a political activist.
– Sameer Ishaq is an editor in “The Front Line”.
– Mustafa Arour is a member in anti-war movement in Syria.
– The Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria.
– Faraj Bayraqdar is a Syrian poet.
– Jebr Al-shoufi is an opposition activist.
– Waseem Hassan is a political activist.
– Abd Al-Moneim Freij is a political activist in Raqqa.
– Muhammad Ali Ibrahim Pasha is a lawyer and political activist.
– Khuzama Al Faisal is a political activist.
– Faisal kurdiyah is a political activist.
– Adnan Hassan is a political activist.
– Suha Al-Qusair is an activist.
– Sami Daoud is a writer and researcher.
– Zeina kanwati is a journalist and activist.
– Ashti Ameer is an activist in Switzerland.
– Bashar Abboud is a journalist and political activist.
– Tarek Aziza is a Syrian writer.
– Pieer Rustam is a writer.
– Adel Mahfoud is a civil activist.
– Kheder Abd Al-Kareem is a visual artist and human rights activist.
– Luqman Ayana is a human rights activist.
– Majeed Abboud is an activist.
– Taher hassaf is a member of the Kurdistan Vanguard Party (Bishkek) in Syria, and a member of the General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council.
– Khalil hamsourk is a visual artist and activist.
– Hassan Kamel is an activist.
– Lubna Al kanawati is a human rights activist and feminist defender.
– Zaradesht Muhammad is a political activist.
– Abd al-Qader Nabulsi is a former detainee.
– Muwaffaq Al-Turodi is a Syrian.
– Mona Al-Hindi is a Palestinian-Syrian.
– Mazen al-Shaarani is an activist.
– Duraid Jabbour is a doctor.
– Abd Al-Razzaq Parrish is an activist.
– Bassam Jawhar is an activist.
– Rustam Mahmud is a Syrian writer and researcher.
– Mohiye Al-Din Isso is a journalist and human rights activist.
– Najim Al-Din Habash is a member of the Hawler leadership of the Kurdish Democratic Party ( Parti).
– Salah Munla is a doctor specialized in history.
– Fereed Haddad is an immigrant for 30 years ago.
– Mohsen Babat is a political activist.
– Serdar Mullah Darwish is a journalist.
– Qasim Al-Khateeb is an opposition Syrian.
– Mahmoud Hassan is a Syrian refugee.
– Mohsen Salloum is a dismissed teacher.
– Abd Al-Kareem Ammi is an activist.
– Hassan Khalifa is an activist.
– Izz al-Din Khalil Muhammad is an activist.
– Aheen is a political cultural and artistic magazine.
– Adel Abu Taraba is an activist.
– Mizkgin Mahmoud is a civil activist.
– Sameer Haiyder is a former political detainee.
– Sayyil Nassif is an activist.
– Maaen Al-Safadi is a member in the Communist Labor Party.
– Suleiman Assad is a Kurdish politician.
– Waheed Nadir is a university professor and poet.
– Samaan Bahdy is a poet and visual artist.
– Saddeeq Zaydo is an independent.
– Hevaron sheriff is a Kurdish and human rights activist.
– Shappal Ibrahim is a member of Amnesty International Organization.
– Ahmed is a lawyer.
– Nassouh Tulaymat is an opposition engineer.
– Nasser Jamal is a member in the citizenship movement – Nawat.
– Hassan Al-Maghout is an activist.
– Suaad Bulbul is an artist regarding plays.
– Rima fleihan is a television writer and activist.
– Muhammad Hasan is an activist.
– Abd Allah Imam is a lawyer.
– Abd Al-Kareem Mahfoud is activist.
– Haitham Al-Jundi is a political activist.
– Hassan Khaled is a Kurdish activist.
– Faisal Hassan is an activist.
– Radwan Badini is a university professor.
– Bassam Al-Sheikh is an activist regarding democracy and human rights.
– Abdo Habash is a Kurdish politician.
– Jiwan Khurshid Al-Yousef is a human rights activist.
– Talal Muhammed is the chairman of the Democratic Salam party.
– Adnan Muhammed is a former detainee and political activist.
– M. Mahfouz Rasheed is a writer.
– Salah Farhou is a political activist.
– Asmahan Majarsek is a Syrian.
– Adel Ammo is a lawyer.
– Hamdo Youssef is an independent Kurdish politician.
– Ilham Haqqi
– Abd Al-Qadir Muwahed is a political activist in Idlib.
– Salam Hussain is a writer and novelist.
– Thabet Al-Jawher is the elder of Al-Jazeera clan.
– Bakri Hamada is an activist.
– Mustafa Summak is a member in the Arab Social Democratic Union.
– Muhammed Kaby is from Binnish in Idlib.
– Saddam Hassoun is a member in the coordinating body in Binnish.
– Majid Al-Karro is a member in the National Council of the eastern region.
– Mustafa Kiko is a political activist.
– Dr.Muhammed Habash is a consultant of the Islamic Studies Center, writer and researcher.
– Eva Sheikh Mousa is a civil activist.
– Waleed Al-Omari is a member in the Free Syrian Peasants and Simpletons Movement.

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