The Syrian Democratic Council

In Aleppo, a Protest Against Turkish Threats to the North of Syria

On Saturday, June 25th, at the invitation of the center of the Syrian Democratic Council in Aleppo, a protest against Turkish threats and attacks on the areas of North and northeastern Syria, was organized in Al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo city.

Representatives of political parties, civil society institutions, a number of women’s organizations and dozens of residents of Al-Sheikh Maqsoud and Al-Ashrafiyeh neighborhoods participated in the protest, which was organized on one of the main streets in the eastern section of Al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood.

During the protest, the participants raised banners rejecting the Turkish occupation entitled “No to the Turkish occupation”, while condemning the Turkish attacks on the area; “No to the Turkish attacks on Tel Rifaat” and “No to killing, no to destruction, we want peace”, demanding the unity of the Syrian territory, safety and peace for the country.

A speech was delivered by a member of the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, “Maraei Al-Shibli”, during the protest, in which he said that “The Turkish state continues its systematic provocative policy to create a new and different reality for the unity of the Syrian homeland, especially in the occupied areas of Syria”.

“The Turkish state contributes to the spread of settlements and the displacement of Indigenous people and seeks to change the demography of the region and eliminate its history and culture according to its benefits and interests to consolidate the occupation, and these criminal and terrorist violations carried out by the Turkish state and its mercenaries are aimed at making the will of the Syrian people weak and destabilization the state of security and stability throughout Syria,” regarding the Turkish policy practiced against the residents of the region, he said.

“The project put forward by the Turkish occupation state regarding the establishment of the safe zone along the Syrian border is an occupation project for new territories in Syria.” regarding the establishment of the Safe Zone, Al-Shibli, said.

He added that any invasion by Turkey will have serious consequences and a threat to the security of the civilian population in northern and eastern Syria, and will cause a huge humanitarian catastrophe, especially as it will prepare the chance for the revive of ISIS cells and its detained members, which portends the return of instability and chaos that threaten all regions of Syria and neighboring countries.

During his speech, “Al-Shibli” appealed to the International and Arab community, as they are countries and organizations, to take positions regarding continuous threats and targeting of safe areas in northern and eastern Syria by the Turkish state in order to prevent any new military operation.

“We assure to the world that we, as Syrians, are against any external intervention aimed at dividing Syria and seizing new areas of it, and we emphasize the principle of dialogue and the implementation of UN resolutions that serve the interests of the Syrian people and preserve their dignity.” he concluded.

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