The Syrian Democratic Council

“The escalating feminist liberation movements create an inclusive renaissance” Ilham Ahmed said.

“The escalating of feminist liberation movements in the world has created the chance for a feminist renaissance in various political, economic and technological fields” Ilham Ahmed, the Chairwoman of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, said.

There is a great role for women in the political field and they participate in the presidential bodies at the level of governmental positions including Prime Minister, Deputy, ministries and even parliaments.

“International conflicts are against women’s liberation movements, which are classified as a counter-movement and anti-women’s freedoms, so women move away from their principles in order to protect the fears of states,” Ahmed continued.

“Women are the biggest victims of wars that are practiced in the world and they are subjected to many forms of violence and torture such as rape, arrest, trafficking, murder, displacement and in various countries such as Turkey, Libya, Egypt and Syria as well.” She added.

These statements came during the semi-annual meeting of the Women’s Coordinating of the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria on Monday in the presence of women from the Co-Presidency of the Executive Council, the general council, autonomous and civil administrations, institutions and parties in the meeting room of the Autonomous Administration building.

“The basic rule adopted by this regime is the economy and defense, which is directly proportional to the role of women in management as women are half of society” Regarding the management system, Ahmed stated.
in the same context, Ahmed called for the development of a communication system and feminist movements to combat conflicts. “As a feminist movement in northern and eastern Syria, we do not claim idealism, but we aspire to it and urge it” she said.

Ahmed concluded her speech by addressing the relationship with the regime. “We believe that the regime tends towards internal fragmentation unless it seeks the political openness and dialogue as they are the only resolution”. She noted.


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