The Syrian Democratic Council

A dialogue seminar held by the Syrian Democratic Council in Austria

On Sunday, July 3rd, the Syrian Democratic Council held a dialogue seminar entitled “Turkish Threats and Ongoing transformations in the Region” in the presence of a group of Syrian politicians, figures, intellectuals and a number of community members in the Austrian capital Vienna.

Riyad Dirrar, the Co-chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council, started the seminar by talking about the path of Turkish military interventions in Syrian territories and their occupation of Syrian regions, starting from Jarablus, al-Bab, Azaz, Afrin, Ras Al-Ain and Tal Abyad, noting that ” the latest timing of Turkish threats came with the Russian-Ukrainian war in a way of blackmail to Russia and the West”.

“Turkey has cooperated with ISIS without considering it a threat to its security, and opened the Tal Abyad crossing for its members during its liberation and their appearance during the occupation of Afrin in a different form,”Dirrar noted.

The Co-chairman of the council also reviewed the Turkish, Russian and Iranian media statements and analyzed them and stated the points of contradiction regarding the statements of the Turkish President and his claims of a large operation, but it appeared within the limits of Tel Rifaat and may not happen, saying, “I hope that we will be able to carry out the operation when the time is suitable”. “What is the secret of this stopping after returning from the NATO meeting” Dirrar wondered.

“It is a meaningless slogan, as the resettlement of refugees needs places, homes, possibilities, a real security and renewed borders, in addition to the popular rejection by the people and even by spectra of the opposition,” regarding the Safe Zone project and the resettlement of refugees, Dirrar said.

Riyad Dirrar concluded his speech by mentioning an assessment of the internal Turkish situation and the confusion of its policies. “The step of the political resolution is the Union of the North with two decentralized administrations from the East to West in which Turkey can be a guarantor with the countries of the international coalition and get benefit from reconstruction instead of manipulating the people by displacement, sabotage and impoverishment” Dirrar said.

In turn, the attendees discussed and enriched the seminar with participations that talked about the re-representation of the Syrian Revolution, the continued existence of the Autonomous Administration and political efforts for consensus among Syrians in accordance with Resolution 2254 and that the democratic project is a popular project for all Syrians.

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