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“The political resolution will save Syria from the dangers of partition and the occupation of more territories” a Syrian opponent said.

A Syrian politician and opponent figure said that the Turkish threats and the dangers that threaten Syria are only prevented by a political resolution that will not be in favor of change in the country during the fragmentation and partition of the Syrian opposition entities.

In the course of answering questions that we asked at the media office of the SDC to the official spokesman of the National Coordination Body of the movement for Democratic Change, Dr. munther Khaddam, where he expressed his concern about the Syrian reality and the challenges facing the country.

Khaddam mentioned the dangers facing Syria as a country and its people and outlined them by saying that they are as following: “The danger of partition of Syria and Turkey’s ambitions in the north, the danger of the continuation of the authoritarian regime without any change, the danger of increasing Iranian influence and its control over many of the country’s economic energies, the divided and conflicting opposition and the economic crisis, as well as the emigration of Syrians, especially cultural and economic elites”.

He warned against Turkey continuing its threats and occupying more Syrian territory, and he expressed his belief that “Turkey will implement its threats if the situation continues unchanged amid the absence of serious efforts for a political resolution, according to Khaddam, is considered as a strong deterrent to Turkey and its ambitions”.

The Syrian politician ruled out that the Ukrainian crisis would have a direct impact on the situation in Syria, but just “it shifted the international attention” by saying that “The Ukrainian crisis did not directly affect the Syrian crisis, only it removed the focus on it two years ago, and the Syrian crisis is in a stalemate and it seems to me that maybe this situation will continue for more years”.

“Nowadays, Syria is divided into international zones of influence with conflicting interests that are difficult to synthesize,” he added.

Regarding the reality and performance of the Syrian opposition, the leader of the National Coordination Body of the movement for Democratic Change said that “The opposition is at its worst, and even the term (opposition) is used as a passport to define them because at the political level, there is no opposition, but entities that are enemies of each other, perhaps more than their hostility to the regime, so an opposition term is valid only in a democratic regime”.

He added that the opposition has not expressed itself as a convincing alternative to the regime, but that the Syrian regime has manipulated it, as he described it.

Khaddam criticized the approach of the opposition in which it tried to overthrow the experience of countries that witnessed the same movement of the Syrian reality.
“Since the beginning of the crisis, I have said that the opposition should focus on one issue, which is challenging the regime by making fair elections with international monitoring, but it focused on overthrowing the regime and prosecuting its symbols by violence, so the result was the destruction of the country and the overthrow of the people, and thus the regime regained control over large areas of Syria,” he said.

“I can almost say that the opposition, in all its forms, has not presented a correct political understanding of the regime and its regional and international functions, and it has based all its policies on desires and illusions,” he added.

Regarding the paths of political resolution and settlement in the country, Dr. Munther described that they are as a waste of time and that the resolution lies in the capital and will not be for the benefit of the people.
“All paths are just wasting of time, the resolution will only be in Damascus, and unfortunately it will not be in the interest of the Syrian people, but in the interest of the continuation of the regime,” he said.

“The resolution in Syria is very complex and linked to the interests of countries that are difficult to synthesize, so there is no resolution soon” regarding the best options for Syrians and whether the Syrian situation is likely to form alternative or pressure paths, Khaddam said.

“The National Democratic opposition should focus on holding an inclusive national conference in Damascus with international guarantees, whose task will be to emerge from the crisis in a national way.” he concluded his speech by calling on the Syrian parties to focus on holding an inclusive conference in Damascus, he said.

The National Coordination Body, movement for Democratic Change, is considered one of the political components of the Syrian Democratic Council where it is active in various Syrian provinces and cities, especially in the capital, Damascus, and calls for change, democratic transition and achieving the aspirations of the Syrian people.

Dr. Munther Khaddam is an academic and University professor, a former political prisoner due to his work on issues of freedom and democracy, and a founding member and the former chairman of Public Relations Bureau of (Together movement) which was founded in June, 2011 as the first movement in the context of the uprising of the Syrian people. He was a member of the Executive Bureau of the Coordination Body for the powers of national democratic change until April 2016, and currently he is the official spokesman for the National Coordination Body, movement for Democratic Change.
He writes on public, political and economic affairs in Arabic newspapers and websites.

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