The Syrian Democratic Council

Notables and clans of Aleppo reject Turkish threats

On Wednesday, July 6th, the notables and clans of the city of Aleppo delivered a statement for the public opinion coinciding with the escalation of the threats of the Turkish occupation state, in Al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo.

The statement, which was attended by dozens of notables and clans of the city of Aleppo, was delivered by “Abd Al-Rahman Ghazow”, one of the notables of the neighborhood, in which he said that the goal of the invasion and occupation is to displace the indigenous population from their homes, seeking to make a demographic change in the region, taking advantage of the refugee file. Any aggression against Northern Syria is a revival of ISIS cells again in the region after the Syrian Democratic Forces defeated them, and ISIS poses a danger not only to the peoples of Syria, but to the whole world, and will lead to delaying the resolution in Syria and even to partition and further crisis.

“The Turkish occupation state is taking advantage of international crises to pass its expansionist racist projects and its ambitions to revive the new Ottomanism, in an attempt to escape from its internal political and economic crises” he pointed out.

“We will defend our homeland and our regions, we will be a support for our sons and daughters who resisted challenges because Syria is our homeland and for all, so we call on all powers and peoples who love democracy and peace to stand by our peaceful people and we demand the Syrian government to agree with our Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces in coordination and cooperation to repel the brutal aggression and liberate all the territories occupied by the Turkish state,” he added.

“We will be one rank in defending the homeland and we will sacrifice for this.” Notables and clans of Aleppo expressed their rejection of Turkish threats and attacks, they said.

The statement called on the United Nations, the Security Council, the league of Arab states and the powers guaranteeing the ceasefire agreement in northern Syria in 2019 to take a serious and deterrent position against Turkish threats and impose a no-fly zone for hostile military aviation in the airspace of our liberated areas, in order to protect civilians from continuous Turkish raids, as well as the Turkish occupation state must be held accountable for the crimes it violates in its occupation zones including killing, looting, destruction of its monuments and committing the crime of demographic change, which does not care about international laws and human rights charters.

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