The Syrian Democratic Council

Expanded Popular Meetings of the “SDC” in Tel Hamis and Tel Brak

The Syrian Democratic Council organized expanded popular meetings in the areas of Tal Brak and Tal Hamis, located in the East of the country, to discuss developments in the region and Syria, as well as Turkish threats that were declared to invade and occupy more territory in the North of the country.

The meeting was attended by elders and notables of clans and tribes scattered in the region, representatives of political parties, as well as large segments of the people of those regions who follow and are interested in public affairs.

The Co-Chairman of the Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, Hassan Muhammed Ali, spoke during the meeting about the international scene, global crises and their impact on second-tier conflicts.

Muhammad Ali touched upon Turkish threats and their exploitation of international conflicts and contradictions to launch military operations against stable areas of northern Syria to spread chaos and extremism, as the Turkish state did in the areas of Afrin, Seri kaniye (Ras Al-Ain) and Tal Abyad.

He highlighted the seriousness of Turkey’s project in the region and its tendency to expand at the expense of the peoples of the region, noting the need for collective awareness and mass rejection of these threats and that endeavors should be worked at all levels to repel Turkey and end its occupation.

The leader of the “SDC” also spoke to the people of those areas about the strategy of the Syrian Democratic Council and their efforts to prevent any further Turkish invasion and to ensure the stability of the region that fought terrorism and it still continues to reach a sustainable stability.

Muhammed Ali explained the political situation and the path of settlement for the attendees including elders and notables of the region, pointing out the role of the “SDC” in this path, as it works with the national powers and the Democratic Opposition in order to reach comprehensive concepts on the path of the political resolution and its steps guided by international resolutions.

In turn, the attendees stressed by their participation the need to reach comprehensive political resolutions that would be a gateway to end the Syrian crisis and expel the Turkish occupier from all Syrian territories.

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