The Syrian Democratic Council

“An Arab and international rejection towards Turkish threats to northern Syria” a Kurdish politician said

A Kurdish politician stated that Turkish threats to areas of northern Syria were met with Arab, regional and international rejection, pointing out that political resolutions for the Syrian crisis will prevent Turkish ambitions, which are now occupying large parts of northern Syria.

In an interview with the Secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria, Nasr Al-Din Ibrahim, where he referred to the regional and international conditions that accompany Turkish threats to the Autonomous Administration areas in northern and eastern Syria, and that they are not in favor of Turkish claims.

He added that the goal of the Turkish threats, which are awaiting international approval, is to eliminate the Autonomous Administration project, and the gains made by the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, especially the Kurdish people, and to ensure that the Kurds will not get any gain in the future of the country.

The Kurdish politician added that the justifications for the Turkish operation promoted by the Turkish president did not succeed in convincing the international and regional parties that are involved regarding the Syrian issue, at a time when Washington and Moscow call on Turkey to commit to the agreements signed by Ankara in the fall of 2019, after its invasion of the Seri kaniyeh regions (Ras Al-Ain) and Tal Abyad.

“There is a rejection by the International Coalition and a European rejection, as well as there is an Arab rejection, especially by Egypt and the Arab arena in general.” On the Arab position regarding Turkish threats, Ibrahim said.

“There are serious contacts by political leaders of the SDC, and the political parties with all active powers regarding the Syrian file, starting with the United States of America, the International Coalition and the Russian Federation, to deter Turkey.” the Secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party indicated.

Ibrahim believes that it is very important to resume internal dialogues among Syrians, especially the intra-Kurdish dialogue, to reach “a higher reference” that represents the will of the Kurdish people in Syria, along with the intra-Syrian dialogue in general, and to reach more comprehensive understandings at the national level that will prepare for a political settlement in the country.
According to the Secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria, political resolutions for the Syrian crisis will not make progress without the effective participation of all Syrian powers, especially the Syrian Democratic Council, which seeks to unite the Syrians and achieve the aspirations of the people in a democratic, pluralistic and decentralized Syria.
The Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria is considered as one of the political components of the SDC, which has been struggling for decades to resolve the Kurdish issue by the constitutional recognition of its national rights in accordance with norms, international conventions and recognition of the rights of all other components in Syria within a united, democratic and pluralistic Syria.

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