The Syrian Democratic Council

The Women’s Bureau of the “SDC” recalls the July 19 Revolution

On Thursday, July 21st, the Women’s Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council recalled the tenth anniversary of the launch of the July 19 Revolution, which was a continuation of the Syrian Revolution in the regions of northern and eastern Syria where it started from the resistance city, Kobani, to include various cities and towns of Rojava, northern and eastern Syria.

That was during a lecture held by the council in its meeting hall in Raqqa city, where the council invited a group of political women, representatives, intellectuals and prominent members of women of various institutions in the city, in which the lecture began with a presentation on the most important actions carried out in the July 19 Revolution and the distinguished participation of women in it.

The council stressed that the July 19 Revolution has achieved many achievements, the most important of which is that the peoples of the region including all their sects, nationalities and components, had the right to decide, to gain the right of freedom and expression in a democratic way, and to unite to defeat the forces of extremism and terrorism and to move towards construction, in addition to liberation, by forming structures and institutions to be culminated in the declaration of the Autonomous Administration and self-rule to provide an advanced experience in governance and administration.

The council also pointed out that coinciding with the anniversary of the Revolution, the efforts of countries supporting terrorism seek to end these achievements and undermine the gains of the people and their values in northern and eastern Syria, where those countries are headed by the Turkish state.
“The revolution has been able to become an example for the democratic nation throughout the Middle East, and we are still in the midst of the revolution and we are fighting with all our might against the fascist mindset.” Fatima Al-Muhammed, a member of the Women’s Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, said.

“Turkey has been gathering its mercenaries, bringing heavy weapons and mobilizing them against the gains of our people, in which it hinders the resolution and prolongs the Syrian crisis.” Al-Muhammed added.

“As the slavery of women is the deepest slavery, so the women’s revolution must also be the deepest revolution for freedom and equality.” Speaking about women and their role, Al-Muhammad said.

She spoke about examples of women such as Arin Merkan and Rivana in their guerilla operations, which prompted the women of al-Shahbaa, Manbij, Aleppo, Raqqa, Tabqa and Deir ez-Zor after their liberation from ISIS to organize themselves and involve women in various fields of life.

At the end of the lecture, the women present discussed the participation of all social groups in that revolution and the need to clarify its achievements at various times. Also, they blessed its anniversary, determined to continue its achievements and meet the aspirations of the masses by pluralism, democracy and decentralization and to confront all hostile attempts that exploit its anniversary to end it.

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