The Syrian Democratic Council

The SDC and political parties in Al-Shahbaa where they discuss “the Syrian crisis is among international balances”

The Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, in coordination with the political parties in the Afrin region, held a dialogue seminar entitled “The Syrian crisis is among international balances and a democratic resolution” in the favin area of Al-Shahbaa areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

In addition to political parties and movements that attended the seminar, also there were national, independent and intellectual figures, dignitaries of Afrin and Al-Shahbaa clans, representatives of Autonomous Administration institutions.

The member of the Relations Bureau of the SDC, Ali Salama, started the seminar with a welcoming speech and explained the themes of the seminar and the purpose of holding it.

Then the Co-Chairman of the public Relations Bureau of the SDC, Hassan Muhammed Ali, spoke about the latest political developments on the local, regional and international arenas.

Muhammad Ali pointed out that Syria and the region in general are going through a fateful phase, and therefore it is imperative for the forces that believe in change and democracy to come together and seek to make the democratic transition, because the alternative to this is the continuation of wars and conflicts.

The Co-Chairman of the Relation Bureau pointed out that international crises and conflicts are at an increasing pace and Syria is in the midst of these crises and what is happening in Syria cannot be separated from the rest of the global conflicts.

Muhammed Ali addressed the Turkish threats and its expansionist goals in Syria and the region.
“Turkey is trying to expand its control and occupation of areas in Syria and the region in general to implement its expansionist project which it calls it the neo-Ottomanism” Muhammed Ali said.

Regarding the projects put forward in the Syrian arena, Muhammed Ali said that “The Autonomous Administration is one of the most appropriate projects that fit the comprehensive resolution as it encourages participation and diversity and thus it achieves the aspirations of the Syrian people regarding the democratic transition”.