The Syrian Democratic Council

The Chairwoman of the SDC Says that the National Identity Should be a Stabilizing Factor for Syria

The Co-Chairwoman of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, said that the inclusive national identity should be a factor of stability for all Syrian components, not a factor of concern because of exclusion.

Omar’s speech came during her participation today, on Friday, in Al-Qamishli Consultative Forum, which was called by the Preparatory Committee for the Conference of Democratic Figures and Powers to discuss the political resolution and the concept of national identity and decentralization in Syria.

The Chairwoman of the SDC added that the Syrian identity, which bore the name “Syrian Arab Republic” has not created psychological comfort for the components of the Syrian people since seventy years ago.

She pointed out that it is necessary for the Syrians to agree on the form of the Syrian national identity that includes all the Syrian components.

The Chairwoman of the SDC also stressed that the national identity should be based on the historical component of the Syrian components, not the geographic one that eliminates the other one on the basis of the majority.

She pointed out that the state of division in the Syrian territories, the presence of the Turkish occupation, the forced displacement and the demographic change in the occupied areas affect the Syrian identity, which needs studies and research in order to reach the national identity.