The Syrian Democratic Council

The Final Statement of Al-Qamishli Consultative Forum

Representatives of political, societal and cultural powers, civil society representatives and independent political figures from most regions of Syria met at the invitation of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference of Democratic Powers and Figures in AL-Qamishli over two days, September 16th and 17th, 2022, for dialogue and discussion on the necessity of a political resolution and the importance of the inclusive Syrian national identity, and the concept of decentralization in Syria.
Regarding the political resolution, the dialogues dealt with the failure of the political process according to its external path, from the Geneva Communiqué to the Constitutional Committee, and indicated the weak representation of the Syrians in it by excluding the most important democratic opposition powers, in addition to the absence of political will of the negotiating parties; the regime and the opposition, as well as the association of some opposition parties with non-national foreign agendas.
The participants stressed that there is no military resolution for the Syrian crisis, and that the political resolution is the only method to end the crisis in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2254, through direct negotiation between the two parties of the conflict; the regime and the real opposition that expresses the goals and aspirations of the Syrians under international auspices.
They also stressed the importance of these forums held by the Preparatory Committee for the Conference of Democratic Powers and Figures to reach the formation of a political structure that participates in the political process, and can achieve the goals of the Syrians for transition and democratic change.

Regarding the national identity, the participants in the meeting agreed that the tyrannical regime impeded the building of an inclusive Syrian identity by relying on supporting strife and distraction of sub-dentities. Participants agreed on the importance of building an inclusive national identity that expresses the societal and cultural pluralism and establishes the national unity, and they pointed out this identity is like many identities in which it is as historical data constantly.
They also emphasized that the inclusive Syrian national identity combines a national, ethnic, cultural, religious, class and social diversity on the basis of full and free citizenship, and it is a changing and flexible identity based on recognition and acceptation others, not on the basis of forced integration and bad harmony.

Regarding decentralization, the participants unanimously agreed that the future Syria should be a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized state. The participations varied on the forms of decentralization that they hoped for, and they emphasized that a strong state needs a strong democratic decentralization regime that prevents the reproduction of tyranny and corruption. The attendees considered that the Autonomous Administration is a model worthy of study and development and the possibility of benefiting from it as an authentic experience in other Syrian regions, and they emphasized the freedom to choose any form of decentralization commensurate with the will of the people of each region.
It was also unanimously agreed that the Kurdish issue in Syria is a national issue par excellence, whose resolution is an urgent task of the national democratic stage, as the current tragic reality of the Syrian people cannot be passed without resolving it in accordance with the International Bill of Human Rights and in a manner that meets the goals and aspirations of the Syrian people for democratic change.
In the end, the papers presented at the forum were accepted, with the need to develop them by the ideas, opinions and proposals put forward by the participants, and it was agreed on the importance of continuing dialogue and discussion with all democratic powers and figures without excluding anyone, to form a strong basis for building a future Syria.

In Al-Qamishli
On September 17th, 2022
Al-Qamishli Consultative Forum

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