The Syrian Democratic Council

A Statement for The Public Opinion

The Turkish occupation army launched an attack on areas of the Autonomous Administration after midnight yesterday, through its military aircraft, leaving dozens of victims and wounded, most of them are civilians, targeting infrastructure such as power plants in Derik (Al-Malikiyah) areas, a hospital treating Corona patients in Kobani and other areas.

We are as members of the Syrian Democratic Council condemn in the strongest terms the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation state against our people in northeastern Syria, amounting to war crimes against humanity, and we emphasize that Turkey’s justifications for launching this operation are invalid and unfounded, and that military operation is a complement to its aggressive approach in order to occupy more Syrian territory, support terrorism and create chaos and instability.

We know, as everyone knows, that Turkey is in crisis at the moment, and that its internal economic situation, including the general community situation, is greatly in crisis, and at the same time, its relations with neighboring countries, the region and the world are tense, despite Ankara’s movements and investments in regional crises, including international one. Turkey is trying by various means to hide its failures by launching military operations that were as a failure in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and it could not get approval or get the green light for a ground invasion or a full military invasion of areas of northeastern Syria, so it recently began to cause fake problems through the Istanbul terrorist bombing, which was condemned by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Autonomous Administration of northeastern Syria, and every Kurdish party in which Ankara wanted to justify its involvement in it through its pretextual logic. Ankara failed in this and its arguments did not convince any party, especially the guarantor powers of the ceasefire since November 2019, namely Russia and America.

Through its fascist attacks on the regions of northeastern Syria, Turkey assures everyone that its goal is not to end ISIS but it gives it a great opportunity to reorganize itself, while at the same time hiding its crises and saving itself from the difficult situation that the ruling Turkish fascist despotic regime has brought it to, and supporting its destructive projects and tools instead of dialogue and fully resolving the outstanding issues that lead to a secure and stable Middle East.

While we are as members of the Syrian Democratic Council extend our deepest condolences to our martyrs and ask for the speedy recovery of the wounded, we blame the continuation of Turkish military air operations and their devastating consequences in the Autonomous regions on both Russia and America mainly, and we blame the Security Council, the United Nations and the Arab League for allowing to Turkey’s continued disregard for international laws that can prevent the oppression of abnormal states and limit its violations of the sovereignty of states and the safety of their peoples. We call on our Syrian people, the authority in Damascus and all the Syrian national powers to defend this important part of Syria at this fateful stage and within this crucial juncture for everyone, and we also call on our people in northeastern Syria to not give forces of tyranny and neo-Ottoman fascism the chance, and our people should support the Syrian Democratic Forces, and protect the gains made thanks to tens of thousands of martyrs and wounded girls and boys of the region.

On November 20th, 2022
The Syrian Democratic Council

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