The Syrian Democratic Council

A popular protest rejecting the Turkish escalation on Syria

The people of Raqqa carried out a popular protest from the center of Al-Naaieem roundabout in the center of Raqqa city in rejection of the systematic and continuous Turkish escalation on the regions of northern and eastern Syria and denouncing the crimes that affected infrastructure, hospitals, oil fields and even camps on Wednesday.

It was attended by political, community, feminist activists including the people of Raqqa and its countrysides, in addition to political figures, tribal elders, intellectuals, human rights activists and many other people, as well as displaced people from various Syrian regions.

There were slogans condemning Turkish violations against the sovereignty of a neighboring state and images of the martyrs who were felled because of the Turkish military war machine, which carries out the crimes under flimsy pretexts to target this homeland with its various components and spectrums.

The participants also called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities by maintaining the security and safety of the region and not to be affected by new wars and disasters that destabilize regional security and international peace.

In conclusion, the attendees extended their deepest condolences to the families of the martyrs and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded, noting the need for the cohesion of the people of the homeland during crises and standing united supporting of the Syrian Democratic Forces to achieve mass demands and preserve the unity of the Syrian territory, and thus they issued a statement addressing the regional and international public opinion.

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