The Syrian Democratic Council

A symposium on the impact of the Turkish attacks on the course of the political resolution in Deir Ez-Zor

The Relations Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, in cooperation with the Armenian Council, held a dialogue seminar entitled “The Turkish attacks on northern and eastern Syria and their impact on the course of the democratic political resolution in Syria and on local, regional and international security and stability”.

The symposium focused on two themes, the first of which talked about Turkey’s attempt to change the political map in Syria in terms of creating chaos, declaring possibilities for military conflict, threatening local, regional and international security through attacks and occupation of areas in northern Syria, reviving ISIS and supporting the terrorist Al-Nusra.

While the second theme dealt with the prospects for a political resolution during Turkey’s aggressions and its occupation of areas in northern Syria and also the reality of the Syrian political powers that are dispersed and dependent on Turkey.

Anas Al-Marfoa, a member of the Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, said that the continuity of the Turkish attacks, the failure to withdraw from the Syrian territories they occupy, and its continued support for terrorism with the absence of a Syrian resolution (these factors combined) portend a serious collapse and destabilization of local, regional and international security and stability.

Al-Marfoa also stressed that the clear way to resolve the Syrian issue lies in UN Resolution 2254 and the need to implement it to the fullest, and the responsibility in this is borne by everyone, starting from the Security Council and the figures of the local community in which Al-Marfoa called on everyone including intellectuals, elders, dignitaries, parties, and Civil Society Organizations to confront this attack that is waged by Turkey against the democracy project in Syria.

On the other hand, the attendees presented their participations during the themes of the symposium, where opinions varied and proposals multiplied, but in conclusion they were formulated in the form of recommendations, including the call for a Syrian dialogue, the unification of the home front, giving priority to the supreme interest of the country, and increasing the awareness that the intelligence rapprochement between the Turkish and Syrian regimes is against the hopes and aspirations of the Syrian people.

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