The Syrian Democratic Council

A dialogue seminar entitled “Turkish attacks are between repercussions and requirements”

The Syrian Democratic Council held a dialogue seminar on the Turkish attacks in light of the political situation within the repercussions and requirements, on Tuesday, at the center of the Syrian Democratic Council in Raqqa.

The symposium was attended by a wide audience of sheikhs and notables of clans in Raqqa, intellectuals, politicians, party members, representatives of administrative institutions and women’s activities, in addition to some important figures and representatives of civil society organizations.

Hassan Muhammad Ali, the Co-Chairman of the Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, began the symposium by explaining the political situation. He said that every simple movement towards the region is followed by a major international movement. Turkey has been interfering in the Syrian affairs since the beginning, and therefore it has set up a policy to take advantage of the current situation.

Muhammad Ali added that Turkey tried to control the Syrian scene with the beginning of the revolution in 2011 by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, followed by supporting the National Council, and then the Coalition, and the reason for that is that the changes taking place in Syria affect the entire region.

Muhammad Ali continued that the Syrian Democratic Council is open to all Syrian factions, whether they are the opposition abroad or powers inside Syria, and we are working for a conference of democratic powers and figures, and this is what made Turkey mobilizes and showed the fact that Turkey betrayed Syrians.

For their part, the participants emphasized by their participations their adherence to every part of the Syrian territory and talked about the new Turanism and its colonial projects. They stressed solidarity between the people and the administration and it must be a firm stance of the Gulf states, the Arab countries and even the League of Arab States towards Turkish violations.

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