The Syrian Democratic Council

“The Turkish aggressions and their impact on the political resolution” was the title of a dialogue seminar in Al-Tabqa

The Syrian Democratic Council held a dialogue seminar to discuss the Turkish attacks on the region and their impact on the political resolution on Thursday in the Legislative Council Hall in Al-Tabqa overlooking the Euphrates dam.

The seminar was attended by tribal elders, intellectuals, politicians, a number of Jurists, representatives of administrative institutions and women’s organizations, as well as figures from the central region of Syria.

The seminar was begun with an explanation of the latest and political developments on the local, regional and international arenas and their implications for the region, where Hassan Mohammed Ali, the Co-chairman of the Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, said that we, as members of the Syrian Democratic Council, set policies and were able to achieve balances within the contradictions, thus we become important political figures, and our project is towards achieving justice and democracy.

Muhammad Ali added that Turkey is targeting the region for several reasons, the first of which is control, destabilization and creating chaos because the Turkish institutions with the longevity of the crisis will give Turkey the legitimacy, and the other reason is the Turkish elections and redirecting its crises abroad by using all its power regarding this, but it failed.

Mohammed Ali noted that the regions of northern and eastern Syria have important papers and their function is against the Turkish threat, and we are trying to mobilize the public opinion and communicate with Arab countries in addition to the Syrian interior areas in order to reach a political resolution, hinder Ottoman ambition and unite Syrians regarding a unified national position.

For his part, Ali Rahmon, a member of the Presidential Council of the SDC, stressed that the only glimmer of hope for Syrians is the democratic project in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and this requires everyone’s solidarity and great efforts to work and cooperate at various levels.

While the audience participated in the seminar by focusing on increasing the national unity among the components of the region, using new allies, dialogue with various parties and attracting a real technocrat who organizes the performance.

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