The Syrian Democratic Council

A Symposium on Turkish aggressions in Manbij

The Syrian Democratic Council held a dialogue seminar on the Turkish aggressions on Syrian territory and the path of the political resolution on Sunday in the Hall of the Center for Culture and art in Manbij.

The seminar was attended by a large gathering of people from the Manbij region and its countryside, including tribal elders and dignitaries, intellectuals, politicians, party members, jurists, as well as representatives of administrative institutions, feminist organizations and civil society organizations.

Hassan Mohammed Ali, the Co-chairman of the Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, explained the latest political developments at the regional and international levels, in which he made it clear that Syria is a part of its regional environment and what is happening in the world will have an impact on the surrounding region and on Syria as well, and vice versa.

Mohammed Ali added that in light of the chaos and global conflicts, we were able in the north and east of Syria to start a democratic revolution that unites the peoples to be a new hope for the democratic powers in the world, and this is what made them support the Syrian Democratic Forces in the fight against terrorism.

Muhammad Ali also pointed out that Turkey intervened in the Syrian affairs from the very beginning, and when the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated Manbij, and at the same time Turkey’s tools of jihadist and terrorist factions failed to spread chaos in this region, so Turkey intervened directly and occupied Jarablus, which is the real division of Syrian territories.

Regarding the Turkish threats, Ali Rahmon, a member of the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, said that Turkey threatens by implementing the military operation in several aspects, the first of which is its expansionist policy, the implementation of the Milli charter, redirecting of its internal economic and electoral crises, and destabilization in the region.

While the attendees spoke by their participations about the option of resistance and countering this bombardment and aggression, and they expressed their regret for the cooperation of the people of Syria with the Turkish occupier and how they became mercenaries and tools used against even their fellow countrymen, so they added that the people have increased their awareness and will not leave their territory as what happened in the Iskenderun brigade.

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