The Syrian Democratic Council

“The SDC” and an Elite of Politicians Discuss Turkish Threats

The Syrian Democratic Council and an elite of politicians and intellectuals in the city of Al-Qamishli discussed the Turkish threats and attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria through a dialogue seminar that the council had called for on Saturday.

The Co-chairman of the Relations Bureau of the “SDC”, Hasan Muhammed Ali, reviewed the developments taking place in the world, the struggle of international and regional powers for dominance and influence, and how the region has turned into arenas for political disputes and proxy wars.

Muhammed Ali pointed to Turkey’s destructive role in the region and its desire to take advantage of the arenas of conflict and wars to achieve maximum gains at the expense of the peoples and components of the region, and thus Turkey does not want an early resolution for the crises in the region and seeks to expand its dominance and apply a new Ottoman model in the region.

The Co-chairman of the Relations Bureau of the “SDC” put forward a number of determinants through which the council works as a strategy to face challenges and achieve progress on resolving the Syrian crisis based on dialogue and enabling internal fronts.

A group of politicians participated with the audience in endeavors led by the Syrian Democratic Council to reach a real resolution for the Syrian crisis and achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people in a decentralized democratic state.

Regarding those policies, Muhammed Ali mentioned the openness to dialogue with everyone in order to build comprehensive consensus and establish diplomatic relations with the Arab world due to the importance of the Arab position in consolidating regional security and peace.

On the internal issue, the Co-chairman of the Relations Bureau called for working together to develop the Autonomous Administration and governance system in order to achieve a community development and consolidate the principle of partnership to become a role model in Syria and the region.

The attendees discussed the Turkish threats and mechanisms of confrontation and called on the countries active on the Syrian file, especially the United States and Russia, to work to stabilize the security in the region and deter Turkey by expelling it from Syria and to ensure the safe return of Syrians who were forcibly displaced from their homes as a result of Ankara’s actions and expansionist policies in Syria and the region.

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