The Syrian Democratic Council

A dialogue seminar on community events and their role in countering Turkish aggressions

The Relations Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council organized a dialogue seminar in Deir ez-Zor on the role of clans, political parties and civil society organizations in light of Turkish aggressions.

That was in cooperation with the Insaf organization for development, the Future Syria Party and Al-Bukamal Tribal Council, on Monday, and in the presence of many political and community events at the people’s Assembly Hall in Hajin in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor.

A member of the Relations Committee of the SDC, Anas Al-marfoua reviewed the political situation, speaking about the repeated Turkish aggressions on the regions of northern and eastern Syria, which aim to perpetuate the crisis and create new crises more serious and affecting the future of the Syrian people.

“Therefore, we must develop a stable national strategy based on the Autonomous Administration project and with the concerted efforts of all members of society including clans, political parties and civil society organizations to face the challenges and preserve the unity and integrity of the Syrian territory,” Al-Marfoua added.

Al-Marfoua also stressed the consolidation of ranks, strengthening ties and national unity among the segments of society to address the success of the democratic project, achieve the hopes of the people who demonstrated by revolutions for eleven years ago, meet and work all together and thwart the plans of aggression and occupation.

Al-marfoua set an example through the popular demonstrations held by the peoples and components of the region, which had a great impact on mobilizing world public opinion and weakened the ability of the Turkish occupation to justify its campaigns and its expansionist approach on the Autonomous Administration areas.

For their part, Sheikh Hawass Al-Ahmad, a member of the Al-Bukamal Tribal Council and the Chairman of the Bureau of the Future Syria Party in Hajin, touched on the role of clans and parties in stabilizing stability, establishing security, strengthening the internal front and the support and development of democracy.

The seminar was concluded with eleven themes, which included the participations of the attendees, their proposals and opinions to set a national strategy, the most prominent of which was to emphasize the seriousness of the Turkish aggressions, reconsider the revolution and its goals, and demand a no-fly zone over the skies of northern and eastern areas of Syria.

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