The Syrian Democratic Council

A dialogue seminar is in Al-Hasakah on Turkish threats and their impact on the political resolution

The Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council organized a dialogue seminar on Wednesday in the city of Al-Hasakah attended by a group of politicians, intellectuals, religious and community events to discuss and discuss the Turkish attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria and their impact on the political process.

During the seminar, the Co-Chairman of the Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, Hasan Muhammad Ali, spoke about the international crises and their repercussions on the regional and local arenas and the impact of the state of sharp polarization among the conflicting forces on international and local files.

Regarding the Turkish role on the Syrian crisis, “Muhammad Ali” pointed to the changes of the Turkish position, which took advantage of the Syrian tragedy to achieve its interests and expansionist ambitions in Syria and the entire region and to establish its occupation presence in the region.

The Co-Chairman of the Relations Bureau of the SDC added that Turkey does not want a resolution for Syria, but it seeks to take the most advantage of the Syrian crisis and that its recent actions express the desire of the ruling party to win the upcoming elections in Turkey and exploit issues and files of neighboring countries in order to win the elections.

“Muhammad Ali” explained to the audience the policies of the Syrian Democratic Council and its efforts at all levels for the cause of the Syrian people and the achievement of their aspirations in a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized Syria.

He pointed out the strategy in which the “SDC” works for rapprochement with all national powers and that the Stockholm path is the result of the efforts of the powers that worked to build comprehensive consensus leading to resolutions that end the Syrian tragedy.

The attendees praised the diplomatic efforts being made by the Syrian Democratic Council to prevent and deter the Turkish aggression, and the participants raised a number of questions which were answered by the Co-Chairman of the Relations Bureau.

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